5 Simple Ways to Save Big on Airline Fares for your Upcoming International Holiday

Why pay for exorbitant airfares when you can better spend the money on bikinis, cappuccinos or unlimited souvenir shopping on your overseas vacation? Make use of these top 5 secrets to land the cheapest flight tickets for your upcoming international trip!

Have you ever felt that you aren’t getting the best deal when you book an international flight? With constantly fluctuating prices, overpriced tickets, finding the best flight deal is like searching for a needle in a haystack!

Toss aside your frustrations, as you are about to learn the top secrets for booking international flights at the best prices. Here, in today’s article, you can find the key tips to save you time and money when booking your next overseas trip!

Buckle up as we reveal the top five secrets for the cheapest airline deals!

  1. Consider Layovers

While there’s no arguing the fact that direct flights are the quickest, they are often double or triple the cost of flights with layovers. Instead, of booking direct flights, look for ones that have a layover en route. For instance, Chennai to London flights that have a stopover in the Emirates or Frankfurt are often available for a fraction of the cost of non-stop flights.

One of the advantages of layovers is that you can include an additional country in your journey for no added cost. Yes, you can get out of the airport, explore a bit of the city, on long layovers.

  1. Book on a Thursday or Sunday

According to travel statistics, most business travellers book their flights on a Friday or a Saturday, making flight and hotel prices shoot up. By booking your flight on a Sunday or Thursday, you can save up to 30% of the airfare. This doesn’t mean you have to travel on a Sunday, just make the booking on a Sunday.

  1. Keep your Searches a Secret from your Browser

Have you ever looked up a flight ticket, only to find that the prices have dramatically shot up in the next few hours? You’re not alone in thinking this!

Regular flyers swear that the prices increase for routes that they search repeatedly. Instead, you can keep your searches private by deleting cookies on your browser. Use the “Settings” tab in Chrome or the “Tools” button in Internet Explorer to do this.

  1. Be Flexible with your Travel Dates

If you’re attending a conference or any other event that happens on a particular day then you have to travel on a fixed date. For all other times, try to be flexible with your travel dates. Flying off-season is considerably less expensive than flying during holidays and other peak seasons. For instance, try to schedule your trips away from summer and winter holidays.

Try to do a quick search for the best times to fly to your particular destination to book your flight tickets at a lower price compared to regular fares.

  1. Fly with Low-Cost Carriers

This one can’t be stressed enough. There are several budget carriers like AirAsia, Scoot that offer you cheap flight tickets on all the major international routes. Though, these carriers don’t have the extra frills, they provide you adequate service and comfort just like the big names in the industry.

Optionally, you can pay for extra features that you require like extra baggage, in-flight meals depending on your requirements.

Airline tickets are one of the major expenses of your international vacation. Make use of these smart and tested tips to book your flight tickets at the lowest fares. Indeed, with a bit of preparation, you can travel more for cheaper prices. The world awaits!!