5 Things to Do On Your Spring Trip to Marrakech

Marrakech, a major city of Morocco and a former imperial city, embodies numerous attractions and is located in a picturesque position close to the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. Marrakech blooms to life all the more in the pleasant and warmer months of Spring. In this perfect for sight-seeing and touring weather even an ordinary stroll through the suburbs might seem heavenly and while visiting the intricately carved mosques, palaces and museums is a part of every itinerary, here’s a list of things to do when in a spring-kissed Marrakech.

Take In the Fragrances of the Jardin Majorelle

 This magical garden was crafted by the French painter Jacques Majorelle. He invested 40 years of his creative and passionate skills into this gard. The garden houses a diverse range of flora and is adorned with petite lanes and peaceful streams. It is a perfect getaway from the city, especially for nature lovers.

A Tranquil Ride through the Countryside

Spring is the best time for a horseback ride through the lush greens of the countryside when all the wild flowers blossom and create an enchanting aura along with the backdrop of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains in the backdrop. If Horse Riding is not your thing, then quad biking is sure to do the trick. Both activities will leave you with amazing pictures for your social media.

Stay In a Riad and Relish Local Delicacies

 A riad is a traditional Moroccan house, these delightful old town specialties are located in the quiet and narrows streets in the heart of the old town of Marrakech. Their roof terraces offer scenic views of the city and are therapeutic. The famed lamb heads are a must try to treat your taste buds.

Indulge In Local Charms

The Jemaa el-Fna is the very heart and soul of Marrakech; it is a happening place full of entrancing stalls and performers. Snake charmers, henna artists, little flea markets, local delicacies and handcrafts and the many more catches are impossible to resist.

Whether you’re on a hunt for some fine literature, art, music or even bags and clothes, a visit to an Old Medina Souk is sure to satisfy. The night fairs are a place where you can make as well as buy a number of vibrant memories worth cherishing.Visitors can easily lose themselves in the endless and rustic streets and constant charm of locally made treasures.

A strong smell and loud streets signal that you are venturing into the tanneries; they are an absolutely easy find and offer insight into the making of all things born in Marrakech.


Get Car Rental in Marrakech

Car rental in Marrakech is a definite necessity in order to enjoy easy travel and access. It will also cut down on the fuss of arranging for transport each and every time and leave you with more time on your hands. Check with your hotel to see if they provide this facility or search for high rated car rentals nearby for safety and efficiency. While you can take on adventures by yourself, choosing a local guide would be ideal to fully explore the city and gain the most out of your trip.

Marrakech is surely a wonderful destination for spring break and will you enchanted and craving for more of the ‘full of life’ local flair. Every day is a gala one in this city, no wonder Marrakech is perfect for solo, couple as well as family travel. Plan your trip right away!