6 Things You Need to Do Before You Launch Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Taking the whole process of raising funds online has taken off a large number of limitations. Geography isn’t a problem anymore and neither are numbers. Reaching a large number of potential donors is much easier online and you save money and time that may have been wasted on printing flyers, organising offline events and so on.

The process of crowdfunding India on a platform like Impact Guru is convenient as campaigners can build their campaign and raise funds right at home. It is also the most risk-free method of raising funds as starting a fundraiser is free, with a nominal fee being deducted only after the fundraiser is closed.

However, crowdfunding isn’t just about starting a fundraiser, penning down your story and waiting for the donations to pour in. There are several steps you can take before you launch your campaign to increase your chances of reaching your goal or even surpassing it! Here are seven things you need to do before you launch your campaign to successfully raise the funds you need:

Understand how crowdfunding works

There’s plenty of crowdfunding India experts out there who are writing useful blogs, doing research on campaigns, discovering new tips, tricks and hacks, and making tutorial videos. Follow as many as you can. Familiarize yourself with how it works so you can make the most of your campaign.

Explain your cause to your friends and family

These are people who will join you in making an appeal to a wide audience of distant contacts and strangers, so it’s important to sit down and explain your project to them. Make sure they know why your cause is important and why you can’t afford it yourself.

Know where the first 20% of your donations will come from

Nothing is less attractive to a potential donor than an empty fundraiser. Once they open your page, they’ll first look at how much you’ve raised before reading your story. Don’t let them get discouraged! Ensure at least 10-15 friends and family members are going to be donating in the first few hours after your fundraiser goes live, after which you can begin promoting on social media.

Figure out which social media platforms will work best for you

What platforms is your target audience most active on? In the Indian scenario, if you’re looking at urban middle-income individuals aged 25 and up, Facebook and Whatsapp will work best. For a younger or a western audience, Instagram and Twitter may work just as well.

Plan your social media strategy

When is your audience most active on social media? These are the times you’ll be posting updating on your project and fundraiser. How often will you be posting and what kind of updates will your donors want to read about?

Tell your friends and family about support fundraisers

The support fundraiser is one of the most effective tools a campaigner’s primary network can use to help them promote their fundraiser. Personal validation is of paramount importance when a stranger views a fundraiser. This is the idea on which support fundraisers work, where a donor can promote your fundraiser as their own to convince their networks to make a donation.

Find more tips and tricks on blogs run by crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru!

Clare Louise Author