7 Unconventional Ways To Celebrate Your Day With Your Partner

Looking for a low-key way of celebrating the Valentine’s Day? Kick out the conventional celebration ideas and surprise your partner with something novel and unique. So, if you believe in the beauty of Valentine’s Day and wish to celebrate the day with non stereotypical ways, here’s a list of 7 such unconventional ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day and ignite the passion of your relationship.

  • Make A Breakfast In Bed

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to pamper your partner in the most special way. Wondering how could you do that? Prepare a special meal for your partner and serve the same in bed. This is sure to bring you back loads of love on the day.

  • Craft A DIY Gift

Add a personal touch to your expression by planning a DIY Valentine’s gift for him or her. Make flowers and chocolates your best gift with flowers home delivery and make the day special. You could choose a heart teabag or greeting cards for a special touch.

  • Organize A Party

Involve your friends and throw a surprise party. In case your relationship is new, this could be a fun idea to invite your friends and know your partner in a lot better way.

  • Plan A Theme Night

You could try something new and plan a theme night with your partner. Go for theme night on the basis of a shared interest, whether it’s your favourite romcom or a sports, theme night is sure to add newness in your relationship.

  • Write A Poem

There’s no one on Earth who isn’t moved by poetry. Make some effort and write something for your partner to exactly express how you feel. Else, you could also write  love letter. No matter how clumsy you are with words, this will work like a charm.

  • Plan A Trip Together

Whether it’s a trip or a weekend getaway, plan it with your partner. It’d be fun to look forward to something so exciting and spend a quality time with your partner. Turn off your phone and gadgets and celebrate your togetherness with best flower bouquet for your beloved.

  • Binge Watch Movies

Have a movie night together. Make tons of popcorns and buy candies. Watch each other’s favourite movies alternatively. This will surely turn cozy and romantic.

With these romantic and low key gestures, you are sure to wow your partner and infuse romance in the relationship like never before.

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