The Best of Footwear Solutions Enabling Better Movement for People

Wearing socks gives that added comfort and snug fit with footwear. However extensive and vigorous activity as that of running often can lead to the formation of uncomfortable blisters. When much has been thought about on the development of the perfect footwear to avoid such situations, it wasn’t until now that double layered socks have come up with a very good solution.

What are the Specialities?

 To elaborate a bit more on the double layered socks, it can be said the socks come in two categories.

  • The first is that of two separate pieces of socks
  • The second is where the socks have two layers of fabric at certain areas very much within it.

The Skin and Socks Ratio:

A person when wearing socks and shoes has two separate interfaces. The frictions amongst the two interfaces are separate and generally measured by a certain coefficient of friction. Blisters occur when the friction levels are high. The very first way of reducing the friction amongst interfaces that occurred to leading socks manufacturers was to introduce lubricants and similar patches.

The Area of Use:

Since it has been mentioned at the start of this piece on the use of socks amongst demanding and strenuous feet related activities like running or brisk walking. Double layered socks have found steady demand amongst both serious exercisers as well as military personnel. Over the years and going by the sheer number of tests performed, the socks have outperformed many of the traditional existing ones as those made from wool.

Yet to Get Popular:

In spite of every mention of favorable comfort and ease of use, the two-sock combination or that of the double layered hasn’t yet achieved the popularity it should have by now. Many of the experts suggest the best of double layered socks should have an inner water repellent sock that is thin and close fitting with an outer one that is water absorbent and retains shape. This combination helps to bring on the third interface amongst the two layers.

Fibre contents of double layered socks are measured in percentages with the inner layer often having a richer percentage of polyester than the outer.

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