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When we are keen to buy a car with a limited budget, we don’t have many options. We clearly remember the days when Maruti Alto was the only option for people who look want to have under 3 lac. In India, a huge population lies in this budget range but frightened to drive the most economical cars available to us in the market. Renault has given people more choices in terms of getting a desirable car without exceeding the budget to buy it. The Renault Kwid is one fine example which can be seen driving on the rods of how even a middle-class can afford a luxurious car at an economic cost.

All New Renault Kwid

In today’s boring and continuous market, Renault decided to do something amazing and which led to the creation of the First hatchback by Renault. 3 years back the market suddenly changed when a premium French Car maker -Renault Launched the Kwid for the first time. The car boasted of a bold SUV-like design, smart styling, and a host of segment-first features that made the Kwid an instant hit. In fact, The Renault Kwid hit roads of India’s streets and achieved maximum monthly sales and was at an all-time high for almost a year. With the car sales continuously dropping Renault just decided to give a new and polished look to kwid to bring freshness amongst people. In the year 2018 Renault Kwid you will witness a whole new era of affordable luxury as the car reveals a bunch of cosmetic updates that add a bit of freshness to the hatchback in a small yet spacious car.  The Renault Kwid price is in the range of ₹ 2.66 lakh to ₹ 4.5 lakhs.

Specifications which make this beauty amazing

Along with some major exterior changes, Kwid is having a 1-liter engine in 3 cylinders along with many premium features like rearview camera, 7 Inch LCD display and a whole new graphics on the back.

The Car is having a small cabin for a small family, offering the black interior with black and red dual tone upholstery adding a bit of contrast to the cabin. Renault has provided a new 12-volt charging socket for the rear passengers along with the pre-tensioners and load limiters seat belts.

Under the hood, Renault Kwid is having a 999cc three-cylinder petrol engine that offers a maximum output of 67 bhp at 5500 rpm and develops a peak torque of 91 Nm at 4250 rpm. New Renault 2018 comes with a traffic management feature which is called Traffic Assistance Function, which helps the vehicle to crawl at a speed of 5-6 km in drive mode once you take your foot off the brakes. This definitely is a welcome addition for those who frequently drive in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Review of the car

At last, let us share our views about whether it will be a wise decision to choose kwid or not? Indeed, it’s a perfect choice to choose Renault Kwid due to its amazing look and several first-in-class features.