What to consider when purchasing piston pumps

When looking for reliable piston pumps for any application whether commercial or domestic, it is important to identify a company with a vast experience in dealing with the same. Our company is undeniably the best on matters to do with these pumps. There are several factors to put into consideration when selecting pumps. These include; quality, durability, efficiency, cost among others.


We are committed to providing our esteem clients a wide selection from which to choose their preferred piston pumps depending on their needs. We have pumps in virtually all designs, sizes and shapes. All our Potential clients are accorded free advice by our technicians to help them pick the best pump for the intended use.


For efficiency, extensive research has been put into the design of our piston pumps. This is evident in the incorporation of the latest technological advancement in our pumps. Since the quality of our merchandise is assured, it goes without say that their durability is unrivalled in the market.


Efficiency is one of the key factors to consider when purchasing pumps. To maximize output as well as minimize the operational costs, our machines are designed for maximum efficiency. This way, with our products, customer satisfaction is ascertained.

Customer service

We have a full-time group of qualified employees to guide our customers on the applications and functionalities of the different pumps available. Furthermore, there is a group of on-road technicians available for dispatch whenever required on site. This is particularly when a client requires assistance in installation or routine maintenance of the pumps.

Spare parts

In addition to dealing in fully assembled pumps, our company also manufactures quality spare parts for our pumps. The market nowadays is flooded with counterfeit parts which when used, are unable to deliver effectively. With our spare parts products, our clients are assured of value for their money considering that they are tailor made for our merchandise. Our clients are for this reason advised to purchase original spare parts from our multiple authorized dealers.


We offer the best market prices for the top quality, and durable pumps. Also, due to the high efficiency of our machines, their cost of operation is significantly lower than those of other similar pumps in the market and have the best performance rate. Furthermore, due to their quality, the costs incurred during maintenance is considerably lower.


Our pumps come with very attractive extended warranties to cushion our clients from losses in case of malfunctions or any damages that may occur without their involvement. Additionally, we provide cover for any maintenance services that may be required during this period.