Dealing with a Domestic Abuse Charge

Two people who live together are bound to disagree from time to time. If the two people are married or in an intimate relationship, the disputes will be passionate and intense. Physical abuse need not be the result of an especially bad argument. People who are in hearing range of the altercation may mistake the noise and outbursts that you and your partner make for physical blows. This can result in your arrest.

The Shock of an Arrest

The arrest may shock and disorient you. It may be hard for you to figure out how a simple disagreement ended with you in jail. These are perfectly natural responses to the situation. However, you must quickly recover your senses and act to get yourself out of the predicament. Your first call should be to a lawyer. Only a lawyer experienced in handling such cases can provide you with the advice and guidance you need to get through this ordeal.

Protecting Your Rights

You may feel the urge to protest your innocence. You may be moved to explain to the authorities why you did not do what you are accused of and give them all kinds of explanations for why they have the wrong person. You must resist this impulse. You should indeed say nothing until your lawyer arrives. Talking to the police after the arrest may only make things worse. You may inadvertently say something that prosecutors can use against you later.

Once your lawyer arrives, they will be able to help you through the crises. There are two ways it can go. Your lawyer may be able to broker a reconciliation between you and your partner. If it was all just a misunderstanding that they themselves got caught up in, your lawyer can bring the two of you together and have you talk it through.

If your partner insists on pressing charges, then you will have to start developing your defense. If you did nothing wrong, then there should be no physical marks or bruises on your partner. That will be the place to start. Your partner may be pursuing their claim against you out of revenge and enmity. No prosecutor will take on a case unless they have sound evidence against the person in custody. In the case of domestic abuse, the prosecution would need solid proof against you. And the only reason why they would decide to move ahead without any is if they failed to do a proper and thorough investigation.

Defending Your Name and Freedom

The failure to investigate domestic abuse claims thoroughly occurs more often than you may think. Your lawyer will do everything in their power to ensure that you do not go to jail and that your name is not ruined because the authorities could not be bothered to do their jobs. Your lawyer will point out the shortcomings in the evidence against you to exonerate you. For it is up to the prosecution to prove your guilt.

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Paul Petersen Author