The different applications of Swarf Removal and Management systems

Swarf is the word commonly used to describe various bits of chips or filings of stone, metal, and many other materials. Typically, swarf is produced when operating heavy machinery. As a result, for businesses that use various different machines, swarf removal and management is very important. If you leave all of these things lying around on your factory floor, it can create health and safety hazards.

Our company has developed a swarf removal and management system that can help you take care of everything. It will provide your business with so many positive things, like a reducing in bushy swarf, the ability to recover up to 90% of coolant from waste swarf, and even an increase in scrap swarf value.

Properly managing swarf can reduce downtime as well, seeing as many businesses end up with a build-up of swarf that can take an entire day or two to remove and recycle. Furthermore, our systems can help you prolong the life of your plant equipment, and reduce your regular maintenance costs.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, swarf removal and management have many different applications. These systems are used across so many various industries, including aerospace, automotive, precision machining, rail manufacturing, and general metal manufacturing. Below, you will see some of the most common applications for such systems:

General Metal Machining

One of the primary applications of our systems comes in the form of general metal machining. This refers to various machines that tend to work with metal. There are so many examples of machines across various industries, and they’re usually the type of machinery that create copious amounts of swarf. Typically, businesses that manufacture precision metal components will use metal machining and can benefit from our swarf removal and management service.


Milling can refer to either of two things; breaking down solid materials into much smaller pieces, or removing material from a piece of work. Regardless, it’s an application that greatly benefits from swarf removal and management systems. As you can imagine, businesses that undergo a lot of milling are likely to generate a lot of waste. This system helps manage everything and makes life easier for you.

Saw Cutting

Saw cutting is another example of the different applications of swarf removal and management systems. There are various machines out there that can provide a saw cutting mechanism. These days, they’re primarily in the form of CNC machines. These are machines that use computer controls to precisely cut very delicate objects out of metal.

Aluminium Can & Container Manufacturer

Manufacturers often deal with swarf recycling in aluminium can and container manufacturing applications. Aluminium is a metal that generates a lot of waste, particularly in these two application processes. The beauty of it is that it’s also a highly recyclable metal. Therefore, through the use of swarf systems, you can recycle your waste and make money from it. Sell your recycled aluminium swarf to other industries, and you’ll pay back the cost of the system in no time.

The bottom line is that there are loads of different applications of swarf removal and management systems. Businesses in different industries can benefit from it, and it offers a modern alternative to the ineffective and inefficient swarf removal ideas of the past.