Which digital wallet is better for money transfer?

E-wallets or digital wallets have become the recent most successful trend for carrying out various monetary transactions. In India also, the trend of using digital wallets for various transactions is on the rise. With the immense requirement to go cashless, individuals are now downloading digital or e-wallets for the transactions to occur in a completely digital way.

The concept of digital payment is replacing the traditional methods of payments and transferring money from one system to the other. There are several options of digital or mobile wallets in India through which you can transfer the required amount of money with much ease. You can choose the right one for you on the basis of the payments and usage of the money transfer services.

Here are some of the digital wallets through which you can transfer money in a hassle-free manner:

  • PayTM: This has risen to become one of the largest mobile ecommerce platforms in India that offers a specialized mobile wallet for making various financial transactions with much ease. You can transfer money, pay bills, book online tickets, and even do some e-commerce shopping with the help of PayTM mobile wallet. PayTM allows its users to make the money transfer of a certain amount for completely free. You simply need to download this amazing app on your smartphone and then, you can use it to transfer money instantly and with utmost security.
  • PayUMoney: A Gurgaon-based online payment solutions company, PayUMoney has recently launched its e-wallet in India. The digital wallet by PayUMoney is becoming the favorite of many individuals who wish to make instant payments or safer money transfers to their friends, family members, or some other individuals. PayUmoney stands unique amongst other money transferring digital wallets as it also offers an amazing range of additional services including one-touch checkout along with some exciting discount and cashback offers to its customers upon each transaction.
  • Mobikwik: This is another famous mobile digital wallet that allows the ease of making instant payments and other types of fund transfers with much ease. With a broad customer base, the digital wallet by Mobikwik allows its users to include their credit or debit card along with net banking options. This digital wallet also allows for doorstep cash collection service which is unique in the case of online money transfer services. You can use the Mobikwik e-wallet for making instant transfers of the desired amount of money with a single click.
  • Citrus Pay: This is a popular digital wallet that can be used for making payments, digital storage, and even for easy money transfers. In addition to this, the tie up of the Citrus Pay with leading online service providers in other niches of online businesses has led to the expansion of the customer services by Citrus Pay. As a result, Citrus Pay is gradually becoming one of the most widely used digital wallets for transferring money in India.
  • State Bank Buddy: If you are looking for some reliable and safer modes of transferring a particular amount of money, then the e-wallet as State Bank Buddy can be your ultimate choice. This advanced mobile wallet lets the users pay bills, make recharges, and even transfer money to other bank accounts with much ease. This digital wallet is available in as many as 13 languages. The app also allows the users to set pre-defined reminders for making the money transfers.

If you wish to transfer a certain amount of money instantly and without any hassles, then these leading digital wallets can help you out. In cases where you do not have a digital wallet you can take help from the leading companies like the MoneyGram, Instarem, and many others to send funds overseas. They offer best possible rates while you are sending the money overseas. They make international money transfers very easy, safe and fast. Avail their benefits to ensure the most effective form of money transfer!