Don’t Confuse Disability with Inability

 For a lot of people, a disability is inevitably tied to dependence. People tend to assume that the disability a person has may be synonymous with many different kinds of dependence such as donations, doctors and people for assistance. This notion holds no ground in today’s world.

Greater degree of freedom for the disabled

The world has changed in remarkable ways now and has made living easier for everyone. For people with disabilities, it means being able to do things that they were not able to do before, therefore gaining greater independence. Back in 1960s and 1970s, there were no personal assistance services for people with disabilities. There were no accessible apartments or buses for the disabled. Therefore, if a person had a debilitating disability, they did not really have an option other than staying in the hospital. Wheelchair users can now use public buses and taxis. Additionally, there is an abundance of accessible apartments too. However, biomechanical engineering has made the most impactful positive difference in the lives of people with disabilities. Vendors like are providing people with disability equipment and rehabilitation equipment so those with disabilities do not lag behind others in any aspect of life.

The synergistic effect of evolving biomechanical engineering technology and the difference in the attitudes of people as well as government policies for those with disabilities have brought about a turning point for all those with disabilities. In fact, most disabled people are not dependent or helpless solely because of their disabilities. Lack of equipment and negligent government policies in various parts of the world are the two main reasons people with disabilities accept themselves as dependent beings.

Today, there are plenty of things you can do as a disabled individual to live your life to the fullest. Let’s go through a few of them:

1.     You can go biking

That’s right, you can go for a long bike ride on your favourite trail and enjoy the changing landscapes out in the open. There are plenty of alternative versions of bicycle that are designed for those with disabilities. If you are disabled from the waist down, you can go for a handcycle. Those with spinal injuries can go for a recumbent bicycle that provides supported seating to make cycling easier. Additionally, tandem bicycles allow those who are blind to enjoy a bike ride with their sighted partners.

2.     Experience the sea

Whether you are on a wheelchair or an elderly individual, you can still ride the waves. If you live near the coastline or have a lake nearby, cease the opportunity and ask your local boat renters about the Pontoon boats. The Pontoon boats are designed for enhanced stability and safety, making them an excellent choice for those with disabilities.

3.     Play basketball

If you are a basketball enthusiast who uses a wheelchair, you can still play the sport. Wheelchair basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is broadcasted internationally and is even included in the Paralympic Games. People with varying disabilities can play this timeless sport and blow some steam off by shooting some hoops.