Enjoy Being in Amsterdam like a Local and Avoid the Usual Tourist Rush

Amsterdam is the administrative centre of Netherlands and is also highly populated municipality. The name was derived from Amstelredamme which means, the city near the dam of the river Amstel. Initially, in the 12th Century, it was a little fishing town and now has become an imperative port. Amsterdam has rich architectural history which prepares it to be the favorite destination of many tourists.

Around 5 million tourists visit this city annually, and this number is growing every year. Majority of tourism wealth is earned from Europeans who travel every year to Amsterdam. With day touring to nightlife, everything is vibrant and enjoyed with full enthusiasm. However, one cannot survive days in Amsterdam by just roaming around so you will need food to eat, but don’t just go for same old pizza, try a culinary tour Amsterdam to taste the flavors of traditional food.

If you’re planning to visit Amsterdam, then don’t forget to take this to-do list with you –

  • Visit all museums in the city as each contains a history attached to it.
  • Including the nightlife, you can also attend any of the events or festivals in Amsterdam because Dutch love art, music and culture.
  • Rent a boat for canal cruise and enjoy sailing with close friends only with whom you can enjoy drink and food privately.
  • Although the city has its own charm and history, but there is no harm in exploring things outside the city in its neighborhood.
  • Apart from tasting Dutch savory and sweets, you should also taste other foods brought from different places to this city for your convenience.
  • Enjoy your trip either on a bike ride or a cycle ride instead of renting a taxi or a bus. You will feel friendlier with the crowd.
  • Avoid venues that are famous because that will be over crowded at night, instead try not so famous venues which also give you the same music and fun that you’re looking for.
  • Watch a movie in a boutique cinema that caters all kinds of style starting from, blockbusters to classics.

If you ever want to become a part of that crowd then try learning some of the Dutch words which are normally used to express yourself. All Dutch speak English, but there is no harm in greeting them in their native language.

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