Experience New Life as a Doula

Doula is a Greek word which mean women’s servant. For centuries, other women have been serving the pregnant women during childbirth.

What is a Doula?

A doula is a trained professional who provides physical, emotional and educational support to a woman who is expecting a child, who is experiencing or who has already given birth. It’s doula’s chief objective to help a woman have a safe, empowering and memorable birthing experience.

Types of Doula

The term ‘doula’ most often refers to the birth doula who is present as a labor support companion during childbirth. But there are ante partum and postpartum doulas too which provides assistance before and after childbirth.

Ante partum doulas are available months before the childbirth and provide all the necessary support and knowledge to the client by phone calls. A woman can discuss anything related to pregnancy with them regarding her fears and concerns and can ask them questions about anything. They help their clients in understanding the procedure and all the contingencies so they will not panic.

Duties of a Doula

Doula is available months before the child birth to answer any question their client has and to waive all kind of misconceptions and fears. A doula comforts her client in all possible ways. They stay in close proximity to the mother during the child birth and try to comfort them with many techniques like breathing techniques, massage, relaxation techniques and laboring positions. However, they do not provide any medical care but help in building a strong mindset to make the experience safe and positive. They also encourage the partner to participate and offer reassurance and build a stronger bond. Even after birth, many doulas spend time with mothers to help them with the breastfeeding procedures and to help develop the new bond between baby and other family members.

Benefits of a Doula

Studies have showed that mothers reported positive experience during childbirth when a doula was present. Even it shows that cesarean rate decreases by 50% if a doula is present. So if you are a lady who loves kids then it might be a great profession for you. You can become a doula after taking a small course and some training. After all who doesn’t love babies?