Facts You Should Know Before Undergoing A Breast Reduction Surgery

Before receiving any major surgery, you need to be aware of everything there is to be aware of. This means that if you want to have a good breast reduction surgery, you should call Dr. Naveen Somia or simply visit https://www.naveensomia.com.au/myblog/eye-bag-removal-surgery-sydney and schedule an appointment for consultation.

Finding the right doctor might take time

Having the right doctor by your side, might be the most important thing about having a good plastic surgery. So, if you want to make your breasts appear smaller, you should start by searching for the perfect doctor. The surgeon you pay should be a good doctor with a good reputation and reviews, you two should also have a lot of chemistry.

The right candidates

While, anyone can have breast reduction surgery, there are some things to keep in mind. The best age to have the breast reduction surgery is the time when your breasts stop growing. This is why if you are in your early teens, you should wait a couple of years before you go under the knife.

However, even if it is better to wait until you turn 21, there are a couple of exceptions. For example, younger women who are still going through puberty and are having their breasts rapidly grown, causing them severe neck and back pain, should have the surgery.

Different types of incisions

The breast reduction surgery is usually done when women have terrible back, neck and shoulder pain, or when they are not satisfied with their size. This surgery is performed by removing the skin or breast tissues that are beneath it.

Many people think that there is just one way to do the surgery, which is wrong. There are different ways that the doctor can do the incision, and they are usually chosen by the price, since some can leave you with a scar that is not even visible, while others will leave clear marks.

Breast reduction and breastfeeding

Usually, after you have your breasts reduced, you might think that you will not be able to breastfeed, however, that is not entirely true. Sometimes it can happen, depending on the amount of tissue that was removed, but usually, you will not have any problems.

The reason why people think that is probably because women tend to give up breastfeeding just because they think that their breasts will grow large again. This is why, if breastfeeding is something you were worried about, just talk to your doctor.

Consultations are important

Before the surgery, a lot of us will feel nervous and have random thoughts that will make things even worse. To make this easier for you, you need to make sure to have many consultations that will help you understand everything.

Your surgeon is here to help you feel relaxed, which is why you need to tell him all of your worries. In addition, you should also mention all of the drugs you have been taking as well, since some of them might cause complications during the surgery.

Final word

Breast reduction surgery happens more often than you’d think, and it is actually usually performed because of medical reasons. And if you are looking for a cosmetic surgery to make you look young again, you should make an appointment to one of the best cosmetic surgeon in Bondi, Dr. Naveen Somia!

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