How To Find Discount Business Class Tickets

An issue with flying business class is often the cost of tickets. Discover ways to help you save money on tickets when you fly business class

One downside of traveling business class is trying to find discount tickets to save money. There are ways to easily secure discount business class tickets if you know how and where to find them. Follow these tips to take advantage of those discounted tickets.

Book your business class flight on a lesser-known airline

Instead of flying on an easily recognized major airline, consider purchasing your tickets on a lesser-known airline. The smaller airlines often try to offer business class tickets at rates below those of major airlines.

Book your business trip when other business travelers are at home, or at least not traveling

Several sources indicate that business travelers are less likely to fly on Saturdays, Sundays or over holidays.

Airlines are eager to fill business class seats during these times so you have better chance of getting cheaper business class tickets or getting an upgrade to business class.

Look for sales on airfare

Whether you fly domestically or internationally, airlines sometimes offer sales on business class seats, giving you the opportunity to purchase discount business class tickets. This is especially true of international airlines, so check for discounted tickets on different airlines.

In addition to wanting to fill up those vacant business class seats, offering business class sale prices potentially offers a competitive edge to one airline over another.

Become a frequent flyer

When you join a frequent flyer program and build up points or miles, you have the ability to take advantage of benefits not always offered to other travelers. Money Saving Expert explains that you should join the frequent flyer program even if you do not fly as often as some other frequent flyer members do. This is because as a member, you go to the front of the line when more-expensive seats are available and have better chance of receiving upgrade to business class compared to non-frequent flyer members.

Make sure you read the fine print and learn when and how to use your points and other frequent flyer benefits when flying business class.

Use a travel agent

When you want to find discounts on business class seats, relying on a travel agent is often your best chance of finding a business class seat at a discounted rate. Trusting your travel agent to find you an ideal business class seat at a great discount saves you the time and hassle of having to do the search yourself.

Travel agents frequently know of sales or other discount opportunities that travelers may not know about. You can possibly save hundreds, even thousands of dollars if you consult a travel agent to help you secure discounted business class tickets.


Shelley Magee Author