Why Floral Tapestries are the Latest Home Decorating Fashion Trend

Using a flower tapestry as a wall hanging has been a popular decorating tool for over a millennia dating back to the renaissance and middle ages, tapestries were fine works of art produced from master tapestry wovers for the nobility of the era like royalty, famous craftsmen and powerful merchants. These tapestry wall hangings have been made in Belgium, France and Germany for over 1000 years with the skill being passed through generation to generation. One of the oldest and most famous tapestries of all time was the Bayeux Tapestry which illustrated the Norman conquest of England.

In the modern-day floral tapestry is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a room cool stylish and interesting! You can get your flower tapestry in a variety of colours and designs so they can match any existing bedspreads, pillows or rugs in a bedroom or any couches, carpets and furniture in a living room or lounge. A flower tapestry can quickly turn a normal room into a castle fit for a king!

Textile arts are one of the up and coming trends for home decorating and are currently being utilized by famous New York designers like Dougall Paulson, these designers love them because every tapestry is unique and tells a story, and that story can be interpreted different by every person who looks at it creating a single piece of art with a hundred different stories behind it! They also recognize the versatility of a tapestry wall hanging as they can not only compliment an existing home decor design but you can also design a whole room around them!

Tapestry wall hangings come in a variety of sizes and are lightweight making them extremely portable, you can easily change a tapestry wall hanging with another floral tapestry design to alter the mood a room is currently giving which makes them ideal for smaller homes, what more you can even move them from room to room to take your mood with you while moving around the house, you can even bring them with you when going on a business trip or holiday and hang them on a wall or a ceiling to bring a feel of home with you even when you aren’t at home.

A flower tapestry is versatile and can be easily attached to a wall with colourful push pins or thumbtacks so you can mount them discretely without damaging the wall or the tapestry itself, these discrete mounting means will not ruin the mood that the floral tapestry brings to the room as you will not notice they are there.

A wall hanging tapestry can even be mounted with Velcro or magnets making the mounting invisible and allowing you to change or move the tapestry in minutes making it perfect for moving the tapestry from room to room so you can take your relaxed mood with you.

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Clare Louise Author