IMDA launches new portal for seniors to learn digital and mobile tech

Understanding the importance of modern technology today as far as our day to day lives are concerned, while also recognizing just how much technology has transformed pretty much everything we do on a regular basis, the Singapore government and the IMDA have launched a brand-new initiative aimed at the older generations and seniors in an effort to help them learn digital and mobile technology more effectively and more efficiently.

Describing these older generations as the “Silver Generations”, the Singapore government, local universities, and a handful of private organizations have all banded together to come up with new technology solutions, new training protocols, and new educational opportunities for seniors that are interested in learning how to leverage everything that next-generation technology has to offer.

The course curriculums will include purchasing a new smart phone or tablet device, taking advantage of all the new communication technology these kinds of devices open up, how to use social media more effectively, how to leverage technology to pay bills and to shop online, as well as how to utilize cloud-based storage solutions and to protect themselves against cybercrime as well

The new online portals are going to be available to more than 80,000 participants that have already registered by the end of September 2017 more and more people are registering to take advantage of these classes on a daily basis, and the IMDA reports that they have infrastructure behind these new online portals to handle nearly 250,000 participants taking online courses at a single point in time.

A number of off-line solutions are also being prepared for the Silver Generations as well. More than 31 individual classes and courses will be hosted throughout Singapore, and these classes are available to individuals looking to learn more about modern technology at very low cost – with many of them being 100% free of charge!

Volunteers that want to become a part of this new initiative are encouraged to register with the IMDA in the coming weeks to become a part of the course instructor cadre that will help to usher the Silver Generations into the next generation technology that they are interested in.

These initiatives aren’t being organized to get people to abandon the “old ways” of going about things, but are instead designed to help folks better modernize their day to day lives so that they aren’t wasting any precious time doing unnecessary tasks that could have been eliminated – or at the very least, streamlined – with the help of technological solutions available right now.

Those interested in taking advantage of these new courses, but not yet sure if they want to really commit to the entire program, have the opportunity to participate in a fun and exciting weekend carnival event that will be open for all ages at the Lifelong Learning Institute in Singapore.

Individuals will have the opportunity to participate in many classes, register for longer courses, and see just how beneficial this kind of education can be for them firsthand before they decide to take the plunge.

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