Important Sandblasting Accessories and Their Uses

A sandblaster is a machine that works well with many sandblasting accessories that are available on the market, and we will discuss several of them in this article. First, however, it is necessary to discuss what sandblasting is and to explain what a sandblaster does.

What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a technique by which a material can be cleaned or have something etched onto its surface. Pieces of glass or metal can be sandblasted, and though sandblasters traditionally utilized sand to do the work, they now incorporate a variety of other materials. These can include bits of coconut or walnut shells, steel grit, or any other material that is fine enough to work for this purpose. Sand is no longer exclusively used, because it can cause silicosis when inhaled by workers, and for this reason, people are required to use an alternative air source when sandblasting.

Sandblasting can be done in several ways, one of which is by using a mobile sandblasting unit. This is a fairly small tank-shaped vessel that sends grit into the blast area using air compression. A blasting cabinet is larger and features two armholes through which a person can manipulate objects inside the machine, and the sand is propelled through a nozzle to achieve the desired effect.

Special Apparel

The most important sandblasting accessories are the pieces of protective gear that a person needs to wear while sandblasting. These will include a pair of vinyl gloves that extend to the elbow and a sandblasting hood with a protective screening over the eyes. A supply of hood windows is important to have, as these will need to be replaced when they get dirty.

Also of great importance is the sandblaster suit. It will be made out of nylon in the front and cotton in the back so that the operator will be able to stay cool while working. It will feature long sleeves, and it will provide protection up to the wearer’s neck, as it is meant to be worn with a sandblasting hood. It will also extend down to the wearer’s shoes, and it will need to be a size larger than what the person actually wears so that it can fit over his or her clothing.

Dust Collector

This part fits into the sandblasting machine and is designed to work with other components to help make the sandblaster energy efficient. The dust collecting cartridges can be replaced when they are full, and they operate with the fan mounted nearby so as to protect the fan housing and the impeller. Dust collectors come in a variety of sizes to match the machines that they correspond to.

Blast Media

This is a necessary component for sandblasting, as this will provide the abrasive material for the sandblaster to use. We touched on blast media materials briefly in this article, and additional materials that are used for blast media can include aluminum oxide, crushed glass grit, glass beads, silicon carbide, plastic abrasive, steel shot, and corn cob.