Komodo Dive Resort

The Komodo Dive Resort, part of the Ayana five star resorts is an exquisite one of a kind five star hotel. It is uniquely designed and set in a pristine beach.

It is staffed with highly trained hospitality professionals whose main aim is to please their customers.

It is suitable for holidays, honeymoon, exotic weddings and a weekend get away from the humdrum of daily life.

Unique things to do at the Komodo Dive Resort

Sailing cruise

At this resort, there exists a beautiful traditionally designed boat that is part of the five star hotel experience offered by the only five star hotel in that part of the island.

This boat, has a capacity of eighteen. It can therefore be hired in totality by a wedding party or any other group that wants to experience an intimate setting afloat the Indian Ocean.

Catered by professional staff who are also part of the hotel, you will enjoy fresh food daily prepared at high level standards.

For two days and three nights, you will sail in the boat named Lako’dia to experience unique parts and cultures of the island and country of Indonesia.

Diving and snorkeling

Parts of the ocean around the Komodo Dive Resort are uniquely colored and above all extremely clean. In this parts of the ocean, the resort can take you out for a dive and to snorkel with a large variety of fish species.

The sparkling blue ocean is crystal clear and you get to experience unique deep sea diving experiences and to mingle with the variety of underwater creatures found in this ocean.

Batu Bolong a world popular, diving center offers the opportunity to explore the pristine waters of the ocean and to view rare marine creatures such as large turtles, manta rays and the white tip shark.

Unique island experience

The resort also offers its guest a unique island experience. First, you get to enjoy the best sunsets ever and you do not even have to leave the hotel for this. Experiencing the sunset on the resort’s pier or at the rooftop bar and restaurant or at the surrounding private beaches, allow you to have a wonderful view of the sunset and to see the sky change color and the reflection on the ocean waters.

At sunset, thousands of bats also leave their caves and take to the air. The sounds they make and how they cover the skies will be an experience that will always remain memorable.

Water sports and games

When at this resort you can also indulge in different types of water sports and games. You can go kayaking on a transparent paddleboard on the tranquil waters to provide you an opportunity to view the marine life.

Besides kayaking, you can get onto a stand up paddle board and experience the ocean and the beautiful weather in the island.

In addition, you can hang out in the resorts swimming pool and swim several laps across the breadth of the pool and relax at the poolside as you bask in the island sun.

Enjoy the unique rooftop bar

The unique architectural design of the hotel has provided spaces for a rooftop bar and restaurant. Here, guests can mingle, socialize and network.

In addition, the rooftop bar offers its patrons a panoramic view of the beautiful island and the vast ocean.

Guests are able to experience the evening breeze as they enjoy freshly made seafood specialty of the resort’s kitchen.

Take a trip across the ocean

In addition to the sailing cruise in the unique Lako’dia boat, this resort also offers daily trips across the ocean to its guests to view and experience the marine life. The daily themed boat trips take guests to a historic fishing village along the shores of the ocean.

Additionally, you can take the glass bottom boat for a trip across the ocean. The glass bottom boat allows you to view marine life as you sail across the ocean

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