There are many distinct advantages of online shopping. This includes incredible convenience, better pricing, infinite choices, ease of access among others. But everything has pros and cons. So what are the cons? What are some of the reasons why some people are sticking to the conventional method?

The inability to try things on

This mainly includes clothing items. It also impossible to verify the indicated material, feel its texture and look at the stitching which may differ from the advertised images. The measurement sometimes may differ even if you know your size and could end up buying a dress that is oversize or undersize. Of course, most stores offer a return or refund on the items but this then just delays the gratification compared to conventional methods.

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The products might be good and better priced but there’s always the shipping expense if you live pretty much on another continent. The extra fees may overall make the goods more expensive hence people opt to simply get one locally if available.

Damages may occur during shipping or transportation of the goods. A good example is when you get a deal for used Chevrolet Beat in Bangalore. There are so many risks between the times you pay till when you get it. Plus, you are more likely to miss out the defects when buying as mostly the ads show the good attractive shots.

The communication is not so smooth sometimes when it’s not immediate thus you need to be patient and wait. At the same time, someone else may come along and outbid you leaving you high and dry on.

The number of scammers has increased and it’s hard to legitimately claim the authenticity of websites. This may lead to losing your money before you realize that you’ve been duped. It’s important to take precautions before making any transactions.