Measures to help prevent abuse of e-juice in Sydney.

e-juice is the most abused product in Sydney and other parts of the country. The product is not only used by children but also the pregnant mothers in the society. E-juice is used in the country as an alternative product to cigarette smoking. Nicotine e-liquid for e-cigarettes is legally sold in many parts of Sydney part in some parts the product is illegally sold to people who should be given care within the community.

The product is said to have the same side effects as the act of smoking tobacco. However, its side effects are less injurious to any user of the product since they take time to develop in the body of the user. Those who take the product are cautioned from taking too much of the product at any time due to the presence of some portions of nicotine in the product.

Measures in place to help the country from abuse of e-juice.

The product should always be bought and stored in places that are secure from children reach. Failure to do that, the children may use the product wrongly thus resulting in some body parts malfunctioning or even heart diseases .in addition a child may find hard to breath air freely.

e-juice is sold in areas that have been licensed to do so, due to the risks that come with the illegal sell of the product to the people. Most of it customers always purchase the product in plenty and in regular basis due to its addictive nature.

The government of the country has employed different specialists to form laws that prohibit the usage of the drug in the country. However, the team of specialists have not meet the desired goals and many people in the country still misuse the product.

The devices used to manufacture the product are harmful to the environment thus the country encourages any user of the product to use the product in some areas that have been set aside for the people to use the product and disposeof the containers that are used to store the product well. Failure to do so may result in air pollution from the smell from these containers used to hold the product and also the bottles may affect the soil fertility in the area where they are left.

Anyone purchasing the product is advised to check the expiry date of the product before paying on the product. This is a method used to help people from taking expired e-juice products thus will result in health problems due to taking of contaminated and expired chemicals.

e-juice products are dangerous to any aquatic life. The product is manufactured by a wide use of various ingredients in which most of the ingredients are harmful to any aquatic animals such as fishes’. e-juice is available in different types of bottlesfromone state in the country to the other. Each container has its price attached to it where some are cheap while many are expensive.