Peter Loftin: About his Achievements and More

Documenting the achievements of a personality like Peter Loftin within such a restricted space is a daunting prospect. We – however- feel that our readers – at large- should be intimately aware of this person’s contribution to the society – not only as a philanthropist but also as someone who has the power to inspire a whole generation of go-getters who want to make it big in the commercial world. So, here we are – trying in our own little way to tell you about Loftin and his achievements. Read on.

 Loftin’s Achievements and Significant Philanthropic Endeavors

Writing about Peter Loftin – one has no other way but to start off with the fact that he is the founder and chairman of the leading telecommunications enterprise Business Telecom Inc. (BTI). Notably, a substantial share of the revenues earned from this particular company has been employed for social welfare. Peter Loftin has made sure that the money – we have talked about here- is put to good use through Loftin’s volunteering services and donations. Loftin’s support to the development of the North Carolina Museum of Science remains unprecedented. He is also known to be a significant supporter of arts—which- of course – is reflected by the fact that he had provided financial assistance for the development of the BTI Center for Performing Arts in the development of a huge venue between Washington D.C. and Tampa.

He is the owner of the top South Beach Private Club – Casa Casuarina in Miami. He had used his position as the owner of this club for good use as well. How? Peter Loftin had used the venue for events conducted by multiple charitable organizations.

The Co-Owner of the Bardstown Bourbon Company

Notably, he is the co-founder and Chairman of the Board – the Bardstown Bourbon Company as well. It was in the year 2014 that he founded the company with its headquarters in Kentucky in the United States.

Do be informed that he regularly contributes to the benefit of veterans as well. He is one of the prominent donors of the Special Operations Fund which has played a special role in the lives of the children of fallen soldiers. Yes. This particular fund was designed for the benefit of the college children of the martyred Tier 1 soldiers. When he was a part of BTI, he actually had gone on to ideate a program which provided for the specially-abled individuals in the schools of rural North Carolina. Peter Loftin provided them with free internet services and the company actually ended up garnering major acknowledgment in the form of an award from a state disability association– i.e.  Corporate Citizen Award!

The more you end up learning about this man, the more you are actually left floored by the knowledge of what exactly he has ended up doing already and what he plans to do for the society. Make sure you’re not missing out on him. Read more articles and blogs – because you have an inspiration whose story needs to be heard more!

Shelley Magee Author