Popular kitchen layouts that are just right for your cooking space

Kitchens can be designed in a variety of layouts. The cooking area should not be fully visible to the visitors; having said that it cannot be completely restricted too. Kitchen shapes or layouts define the look of the space. In contemporary and modern rules of designing kitchen, it should be ergonomic and capable of providing unrestricted movement to the worker. Keeping these points in mind, here goes the list of popular kitchen layouts that make even the smaller spaces look good and spacious.

  1. L-shaped modular kitchen: The L-shaped modular kitchen has the modules arranged in L-shaped design. The arms of the L may have the chest of drawers or oven rack or refrigerator zone at either of them. Thus, this kitchen looks spacious and organized. You can select from a variety of L-shaped modular kitchen designs that include the choice of materials, colors, appliances and so on.
  2. One wall kitchen: This is one of the most found layouts in the smaller kitchen spaces. All the appliances and the modules are arranged in one side of the kitchen which usually has a wall as well as window. This design offers lot of space for free movement and offers ease of movement in the work triangle exceptionally well. The one-wall kitchen is ideal for the open kitchens too and is fit for the new formed families or the bachelor pads.
  3. U-shaped kitchen: If your kitchen has a door, U-shaped kitchen layout fits the space the best. U-shaped kitchen can also be called horseshoe shaped. It is quite suitable for large kitchen space. The sink, fridge and the oven are mostly arranged in one side of the kitchen, thus, making the movement in work triangle the fastest. The U-shaped kitchen offers exceptional ease of work. It is ideal when you have longer time to spend in the kitchen and have the habit of serving huge meals.
  4. Island Kitchen: Utilize the large kitchen space the best possible way with the island kitchen. There is a separate platform at the center of the kitchen space. All the attachments pertaining to modules, sink, appliances and cabinets are done alongside the walls of the kitchen. This shape offers the convenience of eating at the kitchen area. Thus, you can keep all the areas of the house clutter-free and away from the mess created by eating. The family that eats together and does not want their together time to end into a cleaning session can look forward to this shape of kitchen. It certainly offers the best use of the large sized kitchens.
  5. G-shaped kitchen: G-shaped kitchen mostly has the dining table or serving window attached to one short arm of the G-shape. Thus, there is a separate platform for keeping the cooked meals which can easily be picked by other family members. This additional space can also be used for cutlery and spices or other things which people may require while dining.

So, pick any of these layouts that are designed keeping the room size in mind. You can have orientation as per your convenience and the choice of good materials can certainly enhance the beauty of this space.