Sell Gold New York

In a recent New York Times article, journalist Fred Bernstein visited several sell gold New York Jewelers that buy gold including pawn shops and auction houses. He reports that the price of gold is high right now and that there’s never been a better time to cash in on old jewelry that’s lying around the house. Selling gold isn’t as complicated as it used to be, with pawn shops and jewelers each paying standard market rates for gold. Some sellers are surprised to learn that gold jewelry is sold by weight. If the clasp is broken or if it’s missing a gemstone, the piece may still be valuable. Some sellers have been sitting on unwearable jewelry for many years, believing that it would need to be repaired before they’re able to sell it but that’s not the case.

Cash for Gold in NYC

Another thing sellers are often surprised by is how fast they’re able to cash out the funds from their sale.  Many buyers will pay cash on the spot at the time of purchase and others issue a check immediately.  There’s never any waiting for a check to arrive in the mail.  If you’re selling gold to fund the resolution of some sort of emergency then it’s comforting to know that you won’t need to wait at all to see the payoff from your efforts.  Sometimes it’s as easy as walking into the pawn shop or jeweler, waiting patiently while they weigh the gold and test it for quality, then crossing your fingers while they punch a few numbers into a calculator.  Once they’re done valuing the gold, it’s often just a matter of moments before you’re able to walk out of the store with cash in your hand. Anyone can sell gold

New York Gold Buyers

Gold buyers are easy to work with.  Once your gold is valued and appraised and they’ve made you an offer many sellers think about it for a few minutes before they decide. Unless you’ve got an intuitive knowledge of gold weights and the current price of gold today then you might not have had any idea what the value of your gold was before you walked in.  For some sellers, the offer is just what they expected, for some it’s considerably more and for others it’s considerably less.  Either way, a reputable buyer won’t pressure you to make quick decisions, and their offer won’t change unless the market value for gold changes.

Once you make the decision to proceed with the transaction to sell gold in New York, state law mandates that the buyer make a legal record of the sale and then you’re on your way.


Shelley Magee Author