Simple And Intuitive Warehouse Management Program For Securing Your Data

With high advance tools and innovation, LoMag has created a new methodology in making the warehouses management much easier. The Warehouse Management Program is suitable for all the companies to run management efficiently. LoMag Warehouse Management System is the software application for controlling and managing day-to-day operation in the warehouse.

Why Choose Simple Warehouse Management?

The Simple Warehouse Management is a user friendly and Intuitive interface created with the modern Microsoft .Net technology. The Simple Warehouse Management is a standalone application based on the stable Microsoft SQL Server engine to bring the complete support for the multiuser access. Using this high end advanced tool, it is much easier for the creation and correction of the Goods Received Notes, Internal Goods Issued Notes, Corrections, Inventories, and many others. It is convenient to adjust precision of calculations to acquire the accurate decision making. They are easier to create your filters and customization to facilitate the data search.

Managing Your Warehouse:

Inventory Management programs easily support popular barcodes such as EAN, UPC, CODE 128 and many others. LoMag Inventory Management system also supports the data collectors, readers as well as label printers. Installing the Inventory Management programs with code scanner in the Android devices could easily change your Smartphone into Data Collector. Automatic download system is enabled for the acquiring the customer data basing on Tax Identification Number.

What Can Warehouse Management Do?

Warehouse Management System ultimately reduces likelihood of errors occurring when the product is shipped. They help to fulfill orders more rapidly along with providing more options to trace the ordered products instantaneously within warehouse. The Multilingual program interface is enabled for easier conversion of the data. Warehouse Management system also supports all the currencies and exchange rates suitable for making the job much easier. They offer simple functions with saving the storage location information. Sophisticated programs also have advanced interaction with the yard management and material-handling devices.

Other Features Of Warehouse Management System:

The Warehouse Management System is much secure visual tracking of the interrelations and alerts the user for various events. The high end inventory management programs brings you joint database in cloud. Inventory Management Programs is suitable for Windows and LoMag MSSQL.