Simplified Online Meetings and Teamwork

Multi-media video and audio meetings allow you to collaborate virtually anywhere, as if you were working together face-to-face. You can easily attend free online meetings wherever you are.

Do Not Miss Any Meeting

Communicate online with ease wherever you are and whatever device you are using. No travel time, no travel expenses so that you can accomplish your tasks more efficiently and respect the budget of your projects.

Participate in Meetings Wherever You Are

At the office, on the road, with a customer or a supplier? Video meetings can be quick and easy to set up. It is also an effective way to maintain business relationships.

As Soon As You Can

Organize long-planned or improvised online meetings. You can also use Outlook to join meetings in progress in seconds.

Gather Everyone

HD video allows you to gather up to 250 people around the same table. It’s a great way to share information from multiple locations so you can meet your goals, schedule and budget.

Use Integrated Collaboration Tools

With one-click online screen sharing and real-time note-taking, all participants are in phase and know their tasks.

Identify Participants

Thanks to the photos and videos of all the participants in the meeting, you can identify the speakers, the participants and their function at any time.

Send An Instant Message

When you have to ask someone a simple question or give him or her a piece of information, you simply identify the online users at a glance, send him an instant message and get his answer quickly.

Opt for Voice or Video Calls

Optimize your meetings with only two participants. Call other Skype Enterprise or Skype users in your organization or other organizations using Skype Enterprise or Skype alternatives via your PC.

Communicate with Skype Users

When you need to immediately contact a colleague or a member of another organization that uses Skype, you can use instant messaging.