Teach Dog Roll Over – The Most Common Trick Every Dog Lover Must Know

For years we have been hearing that dogs are man’s best friend. But, it is a fact that you need to train these fluffy animals to make them socialize with your community. Certain simple steps and a varied number of tricks does the job for you no matter how gruesome the pets can be. However, dogs are an intelligent animal and they learn pretty quickly. So, if you are planning to teach dog certain tricks, this is the prime you should start. There are many tricks which you can teach and the most common one is to teach dog roll over. It is simple and for this trick, you need your furry friend to learn some basic commands like “sit” and “stay”.

Rolling over trick

There are many ways through which you can teach a dog to roll over since it is really an easy task and fun skill to learn. The canines usually find it very interesting as they get used to the basic commands. Now, as you begin to train your dog to roll over, follow these simple instructions to get worthy results:

  1. Make your dog sit first on the ground and command them to kneel. Kneel beside them and hold a treat clutched in your palms. Bring the hand towards the dog’s nose but don’t open it yet. Make them follow the smell to the side and when they are able to follow the instructions in a proper way, treat them. This will bring a positive reinforcement and make sure that you follow the step at least 5 times.
  2. The challenging position is to make your furry friend lie on the back. In a similar way, bring the bait near to their nose and then move it past them on to the floor. This is challenging as most canines worry to roll over for the first time but make sure that you reward them on the completion of the task.
  3. As soon as the dog is comfortable rolling over, it is time for you to teach them the command. Command “roll over” few times and move your hand from their nose to ground. This registers a stimulus in their brain that you want them to do the trick. Encourage them by giving a treat and start practising using verbal cues.

Now, your pet is all set to roll over and the trick is quite crowd-pleasing. So, what are you waiting for? Get on your knees with a handful of treat and start teaching the dog to roll over.