Top 3 Fashion Tips To Channel The Spring In Your Step

Instead of doing a Snapchat username search in the hopes of finding those fashion or celebrity profiles that will inspire this little spring makeover you’re looking for, we’d like to save you plenty of time and tell you how you can rock the most stylish and comfortable spring fashions to date. Yes, you’ve read that right – comfort is in! Out with high heels, insanely flat shoes, tight jeans or tops, and in with walking on clouds, feeling as light as a feather.

#1: Comfy Sneakers in Bright Colors

Sneakers in bright colors first hit the stores several years ago, and although many people thought they’d just be a fad it is now spring 2018, and they are brighter than ever.

One of the reasons for this trend were years and years of everyone wearing those incredibly unhealthy ballet flats that cause pain in the heel, feet, ankles, and even lower back so we as customers simply demanded something more comfortable. And what is more comfortable than a pair of running shoes?

Granted, no one in their right mind ever considered running shoes to be fashionable except maybe basketball players, but activewear companies took our demands seriously and presented us with the most stylish and comfortable sneakers ever that we can basically wear anywhere we want with the right kind of edge in the rest of the outfit and attitude.

#2: Wide Cropped Pants

Wide cropped pants are pretty much the most comfortable thing there is after sneakers. They won’t feel too tight at the waist, hips or thighs like you could burst out of them at any moment, they’ll let your skin breath, and you’ll be as comfortable as if you were wearing a long skirt – or had nothing on.

As opposed to a long skirt, you can pair wide cropped pants with your colorful sneakers, and breath in the spring as you embrace the comfort. This style of pants can take you all the way to fall because they’re so light you’d be able to wear them in the summer on those colder evenings if you like to walk by the water or go on a picnic in the woods.

Pair these pants with tops that sit at your hips and follow the line of your upper body because you don’t want baggy on both top and bottom as you’d just look like a potato sack, and nobody wants that.

#3: Boxy Coats

Boxy spring coats are still very much in style, and you can absolutely wear them with sneakers and go for the athleisure look, but don’t pair them with wide pants because your shape will get lost under it all.

You can do a more form-fitting bottom and a longer, looser top, throw your coat over to complete the look, and add a few accessories, such as a necklace to polish off the look. You can do a boxy coat with your sneakers or for an evening you can always throw on a pair of booties and go from day to night in an instant.