Top 3 Ways To Appreciate Traveling on a Bike

The biker of your dreams would kill for you to say yes to going on a biker trip with him. He’s smitten with you and wants to spend every waking hour by your side, provided he doesn’t have to part from his motorcycle for too long. Long rides into the unknown are his soul food, and you are his other half, making him whole and truly happy (as you ride off together into the sunset). If you’re not a petrolhead yourself, understanding what biker dating is all about might be challenging at first, but if you really want to get a hang of it and show him how you feel about him, consider making his ultimate wish come true. Let him take you on a trip down his favorite road, and share with you those moments that bring him true happiness.

#1: Pack Light

Packing light has one kind of meaning when you’re traveling by plane and a whole different meaning when traveling by bike. If you want to pack light, bring only those things that are absolutely necessary. You’ll be spending hours on the road because this trip is about the journey, not the destination, and even though you’ll be stopping at motels to rest, as soon as the sun rises you’ll be back on that bike and the only things you’ll get to enjoy are the breeze, the stunning scenery, and the fact you’re making your man as happy as he’s ever been, and for that you don’t need any fancy conditioners, blow dryers, high heels or three spare coats.

#2: Keep an Open Mind

Your biker wants to combine his two true loves- you and his love of riding, and the only way he can do that is if you embrace the riding. Even if you’re not particularly outdoorsy, like to stay in and watch Netflix or go out and have a great time, give him a chance to show you why he loves what he loves. Keep an open mind, don’t put any additional stress on him by being difficult or demanding, and try to truly enjoy what he loves so much. Give this trip a chance to impress you, and if it really does your biker will love you even more because you’ll make him insanely happy by allowing him to share his passion with you.

#3: Create Memories and Take Photos

Traveling is the single most valuable thing you can purchase with your money, even if it means sitting on a bike for hours on end to make your man happy. Soak up the sun, absorb the outdoors, relax and let go of all your worries and cares. Enjoy every moment you get to spend away from home, away from your job and everyday stressor that are weighing you down. Take photos of the road, hill tops, lakes, and anything that takes your breath away. Document your journey to preserve the memories, and show your man you’re not just enjoying this for him. Show him you’re truly in awe of what he has shown you and shared with you.