Top apps that are Capable of Syncing Android LG Phones with Mac

As technically Mac and iPhone is designed by same manufacturer, they share almost same features that’s why people who like Mac are not fancy for iPhones. Rather most of the people like Android LG phone in place of Apple iPhone. Syncing LG Android with Apple computer is not only difficult but it also requires lot of research. Even then it cannot synchronize Android LG with Mac completely. Here are few apps that possess different characteristics and solution for syncing LG phones with Mac.

Apps to Sync Mac with LG Phones


SyncMate, an app to sync LG with Mac. It is a unique app that has a capacity to support lots of different devices including LG phones. It provides free download with data backup, intensifying LG phones as Mac disks, organizing SMS messages on Mac keyboard and also arranging call history which can be saved in different text files. It also syncs LG contacts, calendars, Music, files and browser bookmarks on Mac computer.


It is one of the powerful app to transfer media files between Android phone and Mac computer. It eliminates usage of iTunes in iOS devices. It helps to install and uninstall a program, import and backup Android apps, managing SMS messages and contacts from LG phone to Mac. This app only transfers files but the synchronization is not provided in this software. It also does not supportsync of calendars and contacts.

Double Twist

This app is best for syncing and managing media files between LG Android phones and Mac., also, it is an app that takes backup and sync media files completely between Mac and LG phones. The drawback of this app is that it can sync only media files, for syncing personal data, calendars, contacts, other apps are required who carry this feature like SyncMate.

Android File transfer

This tool is developed by Google to ease the task of transferring files and data between Mac and LG Android phone. It can transfer only one file at a given time and is totally free.The personal data is not allowed to be transferred through this app.