Types of bridesmaid dresses that you should look

To choose a dress for your girlfriends is as tricky as choosing your own wedding dress. You do not wanna make a single mistake that can take away the attention from you to that one stupid decision you took. When choosing bridesmaid dresses my advice to all my clients is making sure it is reusable. Your girlfriends can wear them again. There is a variety of dresses that you can choose from for your wedding day.

Mini dress

If your wedding is not an orthodox one, you can choose a dress that is black in color and mini. It could be a bodycon dress to flaunt the hotness of your bridesmaid. You can never go wrong with a bodycon mini dress. Just right pair of heels/ballerinas can complete the look.

A Maxi dress

A maxi dress is perfect for a conservative and orthodox wedding. Even if the wedding is modern and open-minded one, a maxi dress is just good to go with any wedding theme. It gives you a glamorous and rich look. My favorite maxi dresses are that are Greek styled. By Greek style I mean, it can have a brooch and the fabric is stitched with pleats. The yarn could be chiffon or chiffon with satin linens. Pair this dress with gladiators and a golden/silver tiara to give your wedding a regal touch.

A slip dress

Your bridesmaid will look feminine and sexy with a slip dress on. Accessorize with a choker and chunky jewelry. It is more of an evolved look for a bridesmaid. Cheap bridesmaid dresses can be made by buying a full yarn and then get it tailored from a boutique.

A sheath dress

A sheath dress is for a wedding that is having a formal setup, your colleagues and bosses are going to attend your wedding. A plus side of this dress is this dress can be worn again by your friends for formal occasion and events. Use a hat to get a feeling of a royal wedding.

A flared dress

A flared dress is appropriate for a summer/spring wedding. You can do a lot with this dress. The hairstyles that go with this dress are braids, half buns, waves, and curls. For footwear, you can par the dress along with sandals. A flared dress can have floral prints on it. A wedding that is on beachside can be attended by your friends in the future as well as the present.

A lace dress

Lace dresses are the epitome of femininity. Laces are made for ladies. A lace dress can bring out the delicate and adorable side of the lady that is wearing it. The make-up plays an important role with every look and needless to say with a lace dress as well. If the dress is white a red lipstick will go with it like a little black dress and party. The lacey dress can have the same lace that has been used in the bride’s dress. It will complement the look. Even if the dress is not made of lace a shrug made of lace fabric can be worn along with a plain dress.