6 Common Problems Most People Experience With Automatic Washing Machines

Automatic washing machine offers lots of convenience to users as one can simply run any specific program cycle, load the clothes and switch the button. Rest of the things are automatically taken care of by the machine. In theory it sounds pretty good, however quite often automatic washing machines develop few problems that are not too easy to fix with DIY method. You need to take help from trained technicians to resolve the problems.

Following are few issues noticed in almost all brands of washing machines including LG, Samsung or Whirlpool.

  1. Draining problem

Quite often the automatic washing machines develop drainage problem due to which, water does not get drained out from the machine and it is not possible to dry the washed clothes. Most of the time, the culprit is the drain motor.

Quite often the draining becomes too slow and so it takes pretty long time for water to drain out. It generally happens because of dirt or lint accumulation that blocks the draining system.

  1. Washing cycle often fails to start

This type of problem is often noticed in the top loading types of automatic washing machines. If the cover lid is not properly closed then the sensor meant for that does not properly activate and with the result the washing cycle fails to take off.

Some time due to deposition of carbon or the lid alignment gets disturbed and causes the washing to stop. It can even be because of the weight sensor, which fails to get activated. In most of the cases the weight sensor needs to be replaced in order to resolve this issue.

  1. Error sign on the display

Sometime this kind of problem need special repair professional’s help as each of the error code refers to different areas of the hardware. This code varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and therefore you need to call the authorised company technician to solve such issues. This error code can come anytime and some time it can also be a false alarm, too.

  1. Vibrates abnormally during its running

This can happen if the washing machine is not placed in proper balanced position. Quite often the surface on which the machine kept may not be conducive for its working. If the machine is not properly levelled then too, this problem may show up.

If the levelling is normal but still it vibrates a lot then check if the clothes are properly loaded in the machine or not.

  1. Machine generating too much noise

Automatic washing machines usually run very silently unless there is something drastically wrong with it. Quite often people may forget to remove coin or any hard object from their shirt/pant pocket. This may move outside and generate noise as it gets trapped in some machinery parts.

Quite often the bearing of the machine also starts to wear out. As a result, it may create certain noise within the washing machine.

  1. Water flow is too poor

Sometime due to blockage of filter or fault in the inlet valve water supply gets affected.

Unless and until you are familiar with the machine, you must avoid attending the problem on your own.

Clare Louise Author