Benefits of Switching from Online Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular software programs in the world.  While it started as a simple spreadsheet that was commonly used by accountants, many companies today use it for a range of other services.  While Excel has a lot of services that can be ideal for businesses, there are some drawbacks that would make it wise to convert some practices to other software.  One type of software that would be better than an online Excel program would be CPQ software, which has many advantages of a company’s pricing and quoting processes. 


One advantage of using a CPQ system is that there is an additional level of security.  While Microsoft Excel has the ability to password protect spreadsheets, they are far more vulnerable to hacks.  When using a CPQ system, you will be assured that the system is fully protected by providing only certain individuals with access to the software. 

Compliance and Audit Trail

Another advantage of using a formal CPQ system over an online Excel program is that it can come with a compliance and audit trail feature.  When using an Excel program, it will be very easy for someone to make a chance to the spreadsheet without any prior approval.  This can violate some security and compliance protocols and lead to incorrect reporting.  When using a CPQ system, you will be able to include an approval and override system that will ensure that all actions are properly approved and have the correct audit trail before decisions become final. 

Quicker Proposal Generation

Another advantage of using a CPQ software is that it will normally allow for a quicker proposal generation.  A Microsoft Excel sheet will require you spending a lot of time formatting the sheet to ensure that all cells are properly filled and flowing correctly.  This can make it take a long time to put together a detailed proposal.  When using a CPQ system, you will be able to simply answer certain prompts and questions, which will then prepare a full and detailed proposal automatically. 

Easy Conversion

When using a CPQ system for the first time, one of the biggest concerns that people have is whether they will be able to easily convert their existing Excel sheets into the new software program.  CPQ program managers and consultants will have the ability to help any client easily convert existing sheets into a new program, which can greatly cut down on the overall time of program conversion. 

In conclusion, Microsoft Excel has a range of features that make it ideal for regular business use.  While online Excel has some clear advantageous features, there are some situations in which it would make sense to use a more specialized software.  One type of software to consider using is CPQ software, which has a number of different advantageous features.