Carb Cycling for Weight Loss: All You Need to Know as a Beginner

Many dieting styles have emerged in the recent past after research has proven them to be effective. One such method is called carb cycling. It is now common with bodybuilders and athletes who want to lose weight but maintain the growth of muscles. But what does this method entail? Well, it is basically a simple diet plan that increases the carbohydrate intake on specific days and decreases it on others. As a beginner with this plan, you definitely need some insights for success.

What the Cycle Looks Like

  •        No carb days – on these days, a person will go without carbs and focus on low caloric intake. Proteins should be the main source of energy although it is recommended for this day to coincide with days you rest from workouts.
  •        Low-carb days – on these days, you will reduce your carb intake to the lowest recommended portion per pound of your weight. The body will also rely on protein for energy, and this should coincide with the days you engage in cardio or light exercises.
  •        High-carb days – on these days, your diet will mainly consist of carbs to increase the amount per pound of your weight. Thus, all meals will be high in calories, and this should occur on the days you complete extreme workouts.

The Functioning of Carb Cycling

As a weight loss enthusiast, you are advised to stay away from carbs, but they are also good for increasing energy and muscle mass. If you are an extreme athlete, you will realize that striking a balance with this is better.

When having high-carb days, you will trigger energy level and muscle-protein metabolism improvement through an increase of insulin and testosterone. This is equivalent to taking enhancement gear from legit sellers like the website. Consequently, the workout levels will go up, which is known to have a positive impact on muscle building and weight loss.

On the other hand, the no and low-carb days are best for weight loss since you significantly reduce the calorie intake. Although the energy levels will be lower, protein and other foods will produce enough energy to sustain activities. This is also where the body taps into the fat stores to burn any fat that is stored.

Drawbacks of Carb Cycling

Athletes have a fear that this process may not make them lean. If you are a beginner, the risk is thought to be higher. But the challenge arises if you do not know how to go about the process. The number of days for each option matters a lot. For a beginner, you need to focus on 3 days of high carbs, 3 days of low carbs and one day of no carbs. As much as possible, these days should not follow each other. Alternating them is the best method to use.


As you continue with your dieting plans, harmonious coordination with your workouts is very important. Again, this should not be your entire life but a fitness cycle. It is up to you to decide the duration it will take. The above information will help both beginners and experienced athletes alike.