The 3 Unique Places to Go in Jakarta

If you’re traveling to Indonesia, make sure you don’t miss out on these fantastic places to go in Jakarta! 1) THE EPIC CABLE PARK The Epic Cable Park is ideal for anybody searching for a bit more action than is typically found at a town. Located in Ancol, this is a great water park in […]

Triwindu Antique Market, Exciting Ancient Trading Experience

Triwindu Antique Market in Solo is the center of enthusiasm for fans and collectors of antiques. Triwindu Antique Market is situated on Jalan Diponegoro, not far from the Mangkunegaran Palace in Solo, Central Java. Upon entering the market complicated, you’ll be greeted by a pair of sculptures, a guy and a girl sitting at the […]


Banyuwangi means Aromatic Water, which is connected with the story of the local legend. Being the easternmost city on Java, this is where the dawn climbs in the morning throwing its warm rays on Java, this lush green, but additionally most densely populated island. Banyuwangi Regency extends across a place of km, including Southern beaches […]

Komodo Dive Resort

The Komodo Dive Resort, part of the Ayana five star resorts is an exquisite one of a kind five star hotel. It is uniquely designed and set in a pristine beach. It is staffed with highly trained hospitality professionals whose main aim is to please their customers. It is suitable for holidays, honeymoon, exotic weddings […]

Pros and cons of staying in a hostel

When you are staying in hostels sharing comes to you naturally, but at the same time you may end up sharing a lot of things which may not be required at all with everyone even before getting to know them.  This can lead you into trouble later due to several reasons. Like everything has its […]

Enjoy Being in Amsterdam like a Local and Avoid the Usual Tourist Rush

Amsterdam is the administrative centre of Netherlands and is also highly populated municipality. The name was derived from Amstelredamme which means, the city near the dam of the river Amstel. Initially, in the 12th Century, it was a little fishing town and now has become an imperative port. Amsterdam has rich architectural history which prepares […]

What Are Benefits Of Meeting Room?

Basically, a conference hall and the meeting room are same room where a business conference or meeting is done. You can easily find these in large hotels, convention centers, and even in hospital too. These are highly used by businessman to meet client and or to make deal along with making strategies. Due to numerous […]

5 Things to Do On Your Spring Trip to Marrakech

Marrakech, a major city of Morocco and a former imperial city, embodies numerous attractions and is located in a picturesque position close to the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. Marrakech blooms to life all the more in the pleasant and warmer months of Spring. In this perfect for sight-seeing and touring weather even an ordinary stroll through […]

5 Simple Ways to Save Big on Airline Fares for your Upcoming International Holiday

Why pay for exorbitant airfares when you can better spend the money on bikinis, cappuccinos or unlimited souvenir shopping on your overseas vacation? Make use of these top 5 secrets to land the cheapest flight tickets for your upcoming international trip! Have you ever felt that you aren’t getting the best deal when you book […]

5 Adventure Sports In Andaman That Will Get Your Adrenaline Racing

Andaman and Nicobar islands is a union territory of India with a vast variety of scenic beaches, white sands, adventure sports, lush green trees spread all over expansive isles. It is an archipelago of a number of small islands at the junction of the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea with tropical forests and mangroves. […]