The different uses of a sandblasting machine

Sandblasting is the process of propelling fine bits of different material at very high speed to clean a surface. At first, sand was the only material utilized for sand blasting. The high speed of the sandblasted materials cause abrasion needed to clean, chisel or shape surfaces. Due to the health issues caused by sand, alternative materials were introduced. These alternative materials include steel grit, Copper slag, walnut shells, crushed beads, garnet, plastic media, powder abrasives and coconut shells. Sandblasting is associated with many health issues and it is therefore important to take precautions. Protective gear, for example, is a good precaution. One should use protective gear that includes a helmet with a clean air supply, protective headphones and full body coverings.

Paint and rust removal
One of the main uses of sandblasting is removing rust and paint. Sandblasters are used to rid blistered and cracked paint off buildings, when prepping cars and boats for a new paint job, restoring outdoor furniture paint, cleaning machinery and other surfaces of interest. If not properly done, it may damage the surface being blasted. It may also be used to clean up the exterior of a ship to prepare for a new coat of paint.

Cleaning tools
Sandblasting is also used to clean tools, both large and hand held tools. If the tools are small, one is advised to utilize a sandblasting cabinet. The procedure entails:
•    Placing the items in the sandblasting cabinet. Close and secure the door.
•    Put your hands in the gloves
•    Proceed to blast the items with the foot pedal until the tools are clean. Remove the items from the sandblasting cabinet.
For bigger tools, the blasting is done directly.

Artisans are known to use sandblasters on wood, glass and metal to design and create signs, statues and other art pieces. Many of the cemetery headstones made of marble or granite are sandblasted to bring out details of lettering design.
Craftsmen also use sandblasting to make artistic and corporate signage.

 Sandblasting may also be used to clean up streets, walkways and concrete surfaces. The high speed abrasives from the sandblaster can scrub concrete and pavements clean without an ounce of water. This is a means that can help save resources. 

The skill of sandblasting may also be used at home to carry out smaller functions like cleaning the house, lawn furniture and the cars whenever the need arises.
The effectiveness and efficiency of a sand blasting machine cannot be ignored. Be it at home, a commercial site or in an artisan’s workspace. The sandblasting machine is a tool to reckon with. 

To handle your tasks with ease you need a sand blasting machine.