Features of a Good Document Approval System

In the ever-changing business environment, businesses have to understand the best techniques to make their operations more efficient. Every business section will have unique needs that will require a proper flow of the necessary paperwork. Business firms will also have to put in place measures that will facilitate ethical transactions in every department. To achieve this, business owners and managers should understand how document approval workflow works. When a business is looking for an approval system to record the transactions in the company, it should be mindful of several features.

Protects information

Depending on the size of the business, there is a good chance that there will be numerous files involved. Some of the files will contain sensitive information, making it necessary to ensure that the information is protected. Information belonging to clients, employees, and suppliers is considered to be privileged information. A good system should keep all files safe to prevent possible breaches.

Avoids mistakes

With manual approval system, junior workers with limited training will have access to the files. Such employees can move files or make changes to the information in the files without their knowledge. A while after the event, the said file may be found to be missing or to have incorrect information. The same situation may happen when a new employee accesses important files. A good approval system will ensure that employees access only the files that are related to their work.

Streamlines workflow

A reliable document control system allows for easy identification and tracking of files. Whenever an employee wants to access a certain file, they will spend less time and resources to get the file. This ensures that staff members are not overwhelmed by the high number of files in front of them. Another way the systems promote streamlined workflow is by controlling the number of people that can access important and sensitive files.


A great document approval system should have the ability to track dates, users and times. In case there is an issue with the files, or an investigation is being done, it will be easy to access the information needed. Such a system should be able to detect when changes are made to a document as well as maintain the original version of the document. This goes a long way in helping to identify any possible culprits and preserving information in the files.

Promotes collaboration

In any organization, there will be a need to exchange information among employees. A reliable system should make it easy for information to be passed between and among individual employees, teams and company departments. This will also improve the efficiency with which the employees execute different tasks in the company. The sharing of files should be both secure and easy.


It goes without saying that a good document control system ought to be automated. This will ensure that document approval workflow incorporates the benefits of modern technology.