Find some of the funniest puns to rock the party

Jokes and puns never get old when it comes to breaking the ice or finding a suitable caption for your post on social media. Remember the character of Chandler from friends? Well, he was loved by most people all across the globe for the very reason that his jokes and puns on different situations and scenarios cannot be matched. It is for this reason that if you are someone who likes to begin a conversation on a lighter note, it would be preferred to get yourself acquainted with some of the best puns for different scenarios at

A joke for everyone

The site contains multiple puns which are apt for the day to day scenarios in your life. You can find a plethora of one-liners, knock knock jokes, sleep jokes, sushi jokes, etc. these jokes are just perfect for any and every occasion. Whether it is for the caption of your Instagram or Facebook post or lighting up group conversations or beginning a new chat with a stranger you met on a social networking site or in a pub, you can use the apt joke to make a unique first impression. Some of the jokes available on the website are-

Guess, what did the sushi family do with the money received a pension? Well, they bought a new rolls-rice!

What is the favorite roll of a sushi chef? A payroll!

Do you know what do they call a sleeping bull? Well, a bull dozer!

A person started sleeping on a chandelier. Do you know what he has become now? A light sleeper.

Sleeping it so simple that you can do it even with your eyes closed.

If the parents sing their children to sleep, do they become kid-nappers?

The jokes available on the website relate to different categories and types. You can choose the one that cracks you up the most. For the sake of convenience, these jokes are also divided into different categories and the title for each type suggests what kind of joke it will be. For instance, if you wish to send a goodnight joke to your friend, you can check out the jokes in the column sleep jokes. This allows the person to find the perfect joke for any occasion and saves him the trouble of reading everything.

Thus, with these funny jokes and one-liner, make sure to make a unique impression on people.

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