Globalized Education for Public Health Professionals

Demand for professionals in the public healthcare and medical sector will remain consistent in the coming years since the need for related services and programs is expected to grow with the projected growth of global populations. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) specified several occupations under the public health sector, including epidemiologists, health educators, and community health workers. These professionals tackle a wide-range of responsibilities, from research to education and training. 

Keeping Up with the Times

Technological advancements in education have enabled the growth of online learning environments. Current trends indicate a growth in specialized disciplines, including health and medical care related courses. Moreover, more colleges and universities are now expanding their online portfolio to provide more online learning courses for non-traditional students. This opens up the opportunity for more individuals to consider expanding their professional skills or even changing their career options by learning a new discipline. 

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For those who are interested in pursuing a career path focused on public health but lack the time to enroll in a regular college or university due to other pressing responsibilities, an online learning platform could be the solution. Just like a regular classroom setup, students can acquire the essential theoretical knowledge in health or medical care by enrolling in an online public health course. The only difference is, with an online learning platform, the individual can design and select the amount of coursework during a term based on his or her available time. 

General Community Health

As a component of the health and medical sector, this discipline focuses on ensuring the promotion and protection of community health, according to the CDC Foundation. A public health professional deals with issues that could impact the general population, including infectious diseases, water and air safety, environmental hazards, among other areas. 

Depending on their specialization, these professionals implement prevention and education programs to raise awareness on a particular health concern. Some of these campaigns focus on promoting wellness and a healthy lifestyle. 

While some public health professionals handle the education component, others are involved in research and data analysis on certain diseases and conditions that could pose a potential health risk to the community. 

Future Outlook for the Health Sector

For those who are planning to go into the healthcare sector, the BLS projects an employment growth of around 19 percent in this particular field from 2014 to 2024. This means that during the ten year period, the healthcare industry will add approximately 2.3 million new jobs. This is an impressive outlook compared to other industries. According to BLS, this is due to “an aging population and increase in numbers of individuals with access to federal health insurance.”

While there will be more health and medical care professionals required in the near future, online learning courses are now making it possible for more students to go into this particular field. Even those who are planning to do a mid-career shift can have this opportunity through this highly flexible learning option.