How Sex Is Related To Your Mental Well Being

Every one of us has heard that sex has many physical benefits. Sex with your partner not only fulfills your demands but also works for your body. Helping in the immune system and burns calories are some of the physical benefits of the sex on a body. Sometimes people suffering from sexual problems seem to be distracted and living a disturbed life.

To get Viagra online stores are available and are nowadays popular among people to have the good sex life with erection for complete satisfaction. Viagra is the highlight in the parties and is the best drug to treat the erectile dysfunction. Besides the physical benefits have you heard about the psychological benefits of sex in life? Some of the benefits related to the mental well being are:

Reducing Stress– Sex ease stress, it is noticed that people suffering from various health issues like mild headaches, muscle tension, and sleeping difficulties have positive effects when they remain close to their partner. Having sex holding these issues can help in relieving fast from these dire conditions. People with chronic depression are also fighting great with getting close to their partner. Physical intimacy triggers the various chemicals like dopamine, and endorphins that help in improving mood, stress fighter and helps as a feeling of compassion. Prolactin that is secreted during orgasm makes the person feel relaxed after sex.

Intimacy With Partner– Sex helps in enhancing the intimacy with the partner. Sometimes because of some reasons when you don’t like to have sex with your partner when the time comes when you and your partner have differences and not having the sex and gradually you get apart from your partner.

Makes You Smart– increasing your cognitive capacity is the result of having sex. Sex helps in creating more neurons in the hippocampus (part of the brain linked with memory) and also enhances your analytical thinking abilities. Like Playing Sudoku and doing memory tasks only engage some of the parts of the brain whereas doing sex helps in activating every part of the brain and helps in the proper blood flow and all the essential nutrients to the brain.

Self-esteem– According to the study, it is revealed that having sex is like having food for the body’s health and more it is better life is. When one is found to be a total lack of sex then there are more chances to be in depression and feeling of low self-worth. To be sexually active is nowadays is the social pressure.

Feel Younger-Regular sex can make both man and woman feel and look younger. People when finding themselves older they are supposed to take the help of medicines and spend billions of dollars to look young. But here is the perfect solution when you have the loving and trustworthy partner with you. Sex increases the confidence, happiness, and enthusiasm and these are basic factors for the healthy life.

Paul Petersen Author