Important Things to Know Before Getting Your Pearl Necklace Repaired

Pearl necklace is the best jewelry one can have in their collection. Pearl necklaces rock with ever dress. If you are new to pearls then you should know everything about them. There are different types of pearls depending upon their production like freshwater pearls and seawater pearls. Pearls have their own natural colors but they are found in different variations like rose gold, peacock color which is combination of two to three colors. This post will help you to know a few things on how to get your necklace repaired.

If you really love your pearl necklace then nothing can be worse than a broken necklace but there is nothing to worry as your necklace can be repaired. There are many professional jewelers who sell and repair pearl necklaces. Before handing over your necklace you must read about the services and reviews on the websites so that you can find a professional jeweler to get your pearl necklace or pearl bracelet repaired.

Things to Know

  • After sometime the thread in which your necklace is knotted becomes weak and this is the reason that the necklace breaks. It is very important that your necklace should be reknitted in a new thread that will again keep it strong for years.
  • Before handing over your necklace to anyone to get it repaired you must count the number of pearls.
  • Sometimes your pearl necklace is not knotted originally so when it breaks it becomes difficult for you to collect every single pearl from the floor. It is advised that you should get your necklace knotted to make it stronger.
  • These knots are tight so that they can keep pearls in the loop. Sometimes due to the knots the pearl necklace looks shorter than the original one so you can first count and then hand it over to the jeweler.

These are some of the things that you must know before giving your necklace for repairing. Also, while repairing pearl jewelry, the pearl may have to be replaced. In such case, you need to make sure that the replaced pearl perfectly matches with the others in the jewelry piece.


Clare Louise Author