Must have Marketing Materials for small businesses

If you are starting a new business? Good luck. you will need lots of it- good luck, good wishes and good guidance. Well, here are some tips to help you get one thing off your busy mind – What marketing materials you must definitely have to promote your new business?

5 absolutely essential marketing materials for your business

  1.     Business cards

Believe it or not, your business card will be your #1 marketing material. Yes. They serve a dual purpose as both a form of introduction as well as a branding collateral. Your visiting card is the first thing anyone will ask for and it is the best thing you can impress clients with.

Get your cards designed as folded visiting cards for that extra space you might gain that can be used for detailing your company or product details. In fact, you can even convert your visiting card into a company brochure by reading our blog.

  1.     Posters

Propagating your brand presence is vital to its visibility. Establish a strong brand presence in the market by printing creative posters that project your company or brand image.

Instead of going on for big billboards. printing posters is an economical alternative as they can be printed in bulk and stuck to many prominent spots. Shop windows, display counters, cash counters, etc. can be used to pin up posters.

Posters come handy at trade expos and exhibitions where they can be stuck at several areas from entry to exit. Printed in glossy or matte finish, posters pull the audience’s attention towards them evoking interest.

  1.     Flyers

Your business is just budding and you need each and every person to know about it. how to do that? Use flyers.

Flyers are cost-effective marketing materials that have individual reach. They are given away person to person, delivered in mail or inserted in newspapers. Since they reach each individual specifically, they have a targeted reach and seldom fail to succeed.

Print flyers with flair using expert print specialists with attractive designs and colours. You can even have a tear-off discount coupon on them for sure success.

  1.     Banners

Banners are the veritable sign boards that lead customers to your business. Made as a flex or vinyl banners, they are put up at prominent spots- even on the back of vehicles or at streetlights. with appealing visuals, they act as mini billboards drawing the viewer’s interest.  Banners also lend an air of professional integrity to your Company as you are advertising publicly using them.

If your banner design is compelling, it can never miss.

  1.     Promotional items

Your business is new and needs to grow. So you have to promote it in the right way using promotional giveaways. These cost-effective promotional gifts are going to give you big returns in business. Promotional gifts can be given away at events, trade fairs, exhibitions or it can be gifted on occasions like New Year to special clients.

Choose amongst a wide range of promotional items like pens, mugs, key chains, Kraft pads or paperweights.

  1.     Gift vouchers

If you are into the retail trade, nothing clicks better than a gift voucher.  Custom printed gift vouchers with your brand are the economical and easy means of gifting for a customer. If your product range is attractive, your gift voucher will be highly in demand.

Gift vouchers act as excellent marketing influencers when they are awarded as prizes during contests. Effective as campaign prizes, gift vouchers pave the way for brand loyalty and referrals.

Gift vouchers can also be introduced as gifts of the loyalty program to repeat customers. This will ensure brand retention and recall.

Marketing makes money for any business only with the help of such “must-have marketing materials.”  Procure your marketing materials from a Print specialist who will give you quality for your money and help you grow.

Shelley Magee Author