Organic Liquid Fertilizers

Fertilizers are essential in the healthy growth of plants because they provide essential nutrients. In fact, it is easy to tell if plants have grown with or without fertilizer. Those that have been fed a good fertilizer look healthy with deep green succulent leaves while those without look weak and withered.

Fertilizers can be classified into the following:

  • Straight

This one provides a single nutrient such as phosphorus, nitrogen, or potassium or multi-nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

  • Organic

An organic fertilizer is a plant fertilizer and is derived from recycled natural sources. Organic fertilizers range from compost to animal manure but they must be derived from natural sources. There is the solid fertilizer as well as the organic liquid fertilizer.

Organic Liquid Fertilizers

First off, one must be careful to apply fertilizer as directed. Over-fertilization may cause the following complications:

  • It causes roots to burn
  • It destroys beneficial soil microbes
  • It attracts more pests in addition to the usual
  • It may causes problems for the environment

It is therefore imperative that you read the labels carefully before application and follow the directions religiously. Only then will you reap the full benefits of using an organic liquid fertilizer. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Ease of Application

Liquid fertilizers are quite easy to use since all you need is a sprinkler or spray container to apply it. In addition, organic liquid fertilizers can be used at any stage of plant growth. An organic liquid fertilizer works great on plants that have been transplanted as it helps them to take root and thrive in their new setting.

If you farm using the drip irrigation system, the liquid fertilizer is the perfect choice for you. All that is needed is to add your organic liquid fertilizer to the water supply and it will be distributed evenly to your crop. There are no worries about over fertilizing some sections.

  1. Saves the Farmer Time and Money

With a liquid fertilizer, you will be able to fertilize and water simultaneously. Additionally, there is no need for specialized applicators. You will have time on your hands to handle other aspects of farming especially if you opt for drip irrigation.

  1. It is Eco-Friendly

An organic liquid fertilizer is not only superb for the environment but is also harmless where children and animals are concerned. Moreover, it will have no effects on your skin. You can walk barefoot in areas where it has been applied and you do not even have to work with gloves on. You do not even have to wait so that children and pets don’t touch it. They can frolic on the lawn without a care in the world.

A great advantage with organic manure is that you can learn to make it yourself.

  1. It Works Almost Immediately

An organic liquid fertilizer gives you results almost immediately. In comparison to the granular alternative, results are seen almost instantly especially in the support of strong root growth. Also, they aid in the quick germination of roots.

Liquid fertilizers improve the soil’s PH levels immediately because they help to balance the PH levels which is important for healthy root systems. If the plant is healthy from the root, chances are it will grow strong and sturdy.

  1. Ease of Dosage Control

If your crop or plants are showing signs of over-fertilization, it is easy for the gardener to take control by diluting the dose to correct the issue. With an organic liquid fertilizer, you may not even have issues with overdosing. Correction is not possible with solid fertilizers. You can also easily keep track of how often your garden or lawn is fertilized and make amends if it is being overdone.

Organic liquid fertilizers make gardening a lot easier because they do not come with complicated instructions and you can simply mix and go. Gardeners should ensure that they have the latest information on not only gardening tips but also news on proper use of organic fertilizers.