Setting Up A Business In Dubai

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is a great place to do business. Located on the Persian Gulf’s southeast coast, Dubai is the UAE’s most populous and largest city. It has a diverse population of over 5 million made up of people from a dozen or more countries. Dubai also has among the highest per capita income and standards of living in the world. It is a major global city with a Western-style business model. Dubai is a Middle East business hub and the perfect place to start and grow a business. And the experienced professionals at Virtuzone can help to make setting up a business there a breeze.

Vast Experience

Virtuzone’s staff of experienced professionals are responsible for helping new and experienced entrepreneurs from all over the world start more than 14,000 companies in the United Arab Emirates. They know exactly what to do to make the process fast and simple. Virtuzone’s business development team will show you the most lucrative location in which to open a business in Dubai. They will also provide you with a list of the types of businesses that attract the most consumers and the ones which consistently offer the best opportunity to make the most profits in the shortest period of time.

The First Step

Once you have decided you are ready to set up a business in Dubai, your first step should be to contact Virtuzone to request a free consultation. They will fill you in on all the prerequisites necessary to open and run a business in Dubai. The company’s primary mission is to help people living in the UAE to start and build successful businesses that will help to make the economy of the country more vibrant and meet the needs of the UAE’s residents and visitors. Helping to make your business successful is their goal and it begins with the initial consultation.

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Things You Need To Know

When starting a business in Dubai it’s important to understand how forming a company in the free zone, on the mainland and offshore differs. Next, you will have to decide what type of license you need based on the services and the activities you plan to provide through your company. You will also need to prepare the necessary legal documents and gather information about opening your corporate bank account. Plus, you will need to start the process of getting a visa. This may sound like a daunting task, but Virtuzone’s business setup consultants can help you do all those things in a flash.

They will meet with the appropriate governmental authorities and show you exactly what you need to do to get all the documents you need to complete your business setup in Dubai. Virtuzone‘s team of knowledgeable professionals will guide you through the entire process and make sure your requests are handled promptly by the right government officials. They have handled the entire process thousands of times and know the steps to take to expedite your business building process. They will show you where to go and when, with whom you will meet and what you need to take along.

The Four Basic Steps

For people living in the UAE, setting up a company in Dubai requires four basic steps. They fulfill all the administrative and technical aspects necessary to start your business. The steps you need to take are:

  1. Register
  2. Get A Business License
  3. Open A Bank Account
  4. Get Your Visa

Once Viruzone helps you complete those tasks, all that’s left to do is pick your location, get the supplies you need, open your doors and start making money. It’s that simple. Plus, you get to design the layout and décor of your business. Virtuzone’s staff has made starting a business in Dubai a simple turnkey process. They will help you prepare the documentation, show you how to receive your business license notification expeditiously, open your business bank account and complete the Visa process.

Trade License Activity

Deciding the trade license activity, you want to focus your business on is very important. Virtuzone provides you with a support team to help you to make the choice best suited to your interests and expertise. They will also show you how to use one trade license to run multiple business activities. They will carefully explain your options and what each activity entails. They will even give you an opportunity to see what each type of business activity entails. There will be no surprises when you complete your business setup in Dubai.

Business Setup Guides

This is a valuable tool Virtuzone’s support team provides entrepreneurs interested in opening a business in Dubai. These setup guides give entrepreneurs an overview of common questions people have had over the years when setting up businesses in the UAE. They cover topics like:

  1. Setting up Your Free Zone Company in the UAE
  2. Office Space
  3. How to Hire in the UAE
  4. Local Partner Requirements in the UAE
  5. Corporate Banking in the UAE
  6. The UAE’s Free Zones
  7. UAE Visas for Your Dependents
  8. Setting up your UAE branch office
  9. Choosing a Company Name in the UAE
  10. Meeting your insurance needs in the UAE

If you have a specific topic not covered in the current setup guides, all you have to do is contact Virtuzone’s office at and they will provide the information you need.

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