Soul quenching traveller’s shoes

The travel bug hits many, but the real traveller never tells where he is heading. Why? Because travelling is such a thing which cannot work according to plans and timings or with fixed dates. Travelling involves soul searching, it involves a free minded spirit who is ready to fly. Someone who is passionate about new places, people, food, culture etc.

A traveller has no bounds, no limits and no sense of time. He or she usually treads treacherous paths alone, they are fearless and full of enthusiasm. Their thirst to know the unknown is mesmerising. Probably that is what makes them different from people who go on vacations. Vacations are totally different from travelling, traveling quenches the thirsty soul, while vacations just give us memories.

Being fearless:

One of the many traits of a traveller is that he or she is fearless. Whether that is fear of new places, people, animal or situations. Being scared and showing it has a lot of difference. Usually real travellers like doing it alone, and hence they meet new people every single day. Not trusting someone is probably the key, but then it is fine to cross check facts with localities of a place. It is common for a traveller to meet new people, drink, talk and make merry. But that doesn’t stop them in their journey. They go ahead with their plans. Often travelling without a plan and purpose can be fulfilling, but journeys which require long hours of travelling needs some preparations. Knowledge of a place and their language is often found to be helpful. A traveller is very sociable, it is one of their survival strategies. You never know what may come by your path while you’re on the go.

Travel essentials:

I am a firm believer of being over cautious. It probably compliments my traits of OCD. I believe that having the right set of travel essentials is really helpful while we’re on the go. Making a checklist is mandatory. One must always carry essentials like a torch, first aid kit, a portable charger for phones, a portable camping kit, shades, books to read or a Kindle if one owns it, munchies and definitely as few clothes as possible. The best part about travelling is bunking in new places and one should always be ready with few essentials. Every place may not be equipped and for women, washrooms may be an issue to deal with. Always make sure to keep in mind important menstrual cycle dates and carry every single requirement. Carrying a pepper spray doesn’t cause any harm either, things may happen unexpectedly. One of the most essential things perhaps is having a phone with a good battery backup.

For travellers who seek their path using maps, this is a must. Another important piece of advice is to carry fewer clothes and a good trekking shoe. Trekking can be a lot of fun but it is useless without a good pair of sneaks. Clothes should be carried in minimal to avoid carrying much baggage; they can always be purchased for cheap. Also, that way, people get to carry back memories. Often a traveller’s essential also involves a camera. People who like capturing the beauties of nature and God’s creation, cannot go ahead on a journey without their camera.

Perhaps all these apply for solo travellers. It is one of my most favourite things to do in the whole wide world.

Travelling with buds:

It can be a lot of fun to travel with friends who have a similar mindset. It is strictly advisable to avoid people who are finicky and won’t adjust to new places. They may create nuisance in your travel plans and often pause the trip midway. Travelling with like-minded friends, on the other hand, has its own perks. You make beautiful memories and know that you are safe. If trouble comes knocking your way, you know you have someone by you to face it with. You have someone to make difficult decisions with and also he/she becomes a mandatory part of all your travel plans. My best friend and I never leave an opportunity of travelling and backpacking together. Pictures say a thousand words and every travel plan has given us beautiful memories and pictures to carry it back with us.

Travelling is a passion, and for people like who have the thirst to explore and be adventurous, it is the best kind of hobby to adapt. It is the most soul-warming activity.

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