Street View: A Short Review

Today smart phones and technology has made the travelling a fun experience. Some smart phones have inbuilt function of GPS tracking which allows you to pin point your present location, moreover you can track the way of unknown places. You can use zoom feature to see the place more closely. Street View is an app that allows you to find a particular street or a place within city. Street view gives you actual picture of the place which is 3D and very clear to show the path.

You can see your location or destination in three different dimensions. Street View allows classic map view just like atlas shows. Street view provides satellite view which allows to spot particular landmark. Street view allows hybrid view which shows clearly labelled streets and location, roads along with pictures and names.  Now with the help of street view you can plan your journey in a planned way. You can highlight heavy traffic mode which gives you alarm about traffic jam or other obstacles in your way.

Advance Features in I-phone 4s About Street view

Although all smart devices are able to track Google Maps and works upon GPS technology yet iPhone have some advance features. Street View is an app based on software technology that works amazingly on iPhone 4S. All smart phones works on satellite availability though iPhone has inbuilt efficiency to catch GPS satellite signals as soon as you reach under open sky. The signals of this smart phone is stronger than any other smart devices. So far street view is concerned iPhone allows to track tinniest location of your destination.

What Street View can do?

As Google apps are helping to find any location when you are travelling by road or using public transport, street view too is helping out to catch particular landmark near your desired location. You can zoom this handy feature to catch more clear view of your destination address. As most of the generation is today depending on Google maps so the developers are working to help people with more advanced technologies. Street View is a part of Google Earth’s programme which is amazing desktop application.

Pros And Cons of Software Apps like Street view

As the desktop version, Street View has amazing multi touch interface technology. This app provides you satellite functionality and aerial imagery description of your destination. This app allows you to pin point your present location and feed desired destination address. Just leave everything to the web world, quick search catches your present location and start evaluation of nearest landmarks of your desired place. This app have some drawbacks also you can say privacy disasters. If you don’t off auto fill tilt option it might be threat to your privacy. When anyone tries to search back history they will find searched places.

Outcome of Street View App

Google earth’s discovery Street View is definitely best app for street view. The processing speed and graphic presentation makes your search more interesting and easy. You can even grab useful information about your destination. Like if you want to search best hospitals of particular area Street view will show you way, measure reaching time, available facilities etc.

Clare Louise Author