What’s the difference between a Jerkin and a sweatshirt?

As the winters are approaching we all look for new winter garments. The most common among them are the jackets, sweaters, jerkins, and sweatshirts. All these outer wear are meant to provide insulation from the cold atmosphere outside and providing warmth in the winter season. The winter garments are made of different materials like the leather, wool, cotton, fleece, nylon, polyester, etc. In this blog we’ll talk about the difference between the two most commonly used winter wear by men – sweatshirts and jerkins.

Let’s start by knowing what sweatshirts are.

Sweatshirts generally come in two types of styles – zippered and non–zippered.

Sweatshirt is a long-sleeved pullover type winter wear. Sweatshirts generally do not have collars. They have round neck which covers the neck. Traditionally the sweatshirts were made of heavy cotton jersey but now you’ll find sweatshirts made of all the different kinds of fabric. There are some which are made of light cotton and are suitable for mild winters. Others are made of fleece or heavy cotton material well-suited for heavy winters. Sweatshirts come with or without hoods. The ones with a hood look very trendy and fashionable. They are a part of the casual wear. Those without the hood can even form a part of formal wear when needed.

What is a jerkin?

A jerkin is a tight fitting jacket for men traditionally made of leather. Jerkins are sleeveless. This outfit belongs to the sixteenth and seventeenth century when the men used to wear a sleeveless jacket over the doublet. This jacket was later adopted by the men in the British army. Jerkins have undergone great transformation since the time of their inception. Traditionally it was made of leather and was a tight fitting jacket. Gradually it changed its form and style through the First and the Second World War.

Now jerkins are made from almost all types of fabrics such as the wool, leather, fleece, cotton, nylon, and polyester.

Practical differences between jerkins and sweatshirts

Jerkins were used more as a piece of comfortable clothing. They were worn by the British soldiers during the war. They served two purposes for the soldiers that time – keeping themselves warm during the war and at the same time being comfortable. Sweatshirts, on the other hand, had been quite heavy from the beginning. It was very late they were developed as a lighter piece of clothing. Also, sweatshirts are loosely fitted over the chest, arms, and shoulders unlike that of the jerkins which are tight fitted.

Now as we know the difference between jerkins and sweatshirts we can easily choose which one to buy this winter season. There is a wide collection of winter wear including the jerkins and sweatshirts available online on the shopping websites like bewakoof.com, myntra.com, flipkart.com, amazon.com, etc. You can choose your favourite colour, design, and style from among them and get ready for the winters.

You can wear jerkins with formal trousers or denim jeans. These days puffed jerkins are in great trend. You can wear them as a second layer of winter clothing over the sweaters or sweatshirts.

Shelley Magee Author